‘We can’t manage, manoeuver or manipulate spiritual energy. It is a matter of letting go and receiving what is being given freely. It is the gradual emptying of our attachment to our small self, so that there is room for a new conception and a new birth.’

Mary was visited by the angel to tell her that she was to be the mother of God’s Son. Her final response was ‘Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Let it be to me according to your word.’


‘Mary is the archetype of such surrender. If Jesus is the symbol of the gift itself and how God gives the gift, then Mary is the symbol of how the gift is received and treasured. Whatever God gives is always experienced as totally unearned grace, and never as a salary, a reward or a merit badge. In fact, if you do experience it that way, it is not from God and will not expand your heart, mind or soul.

There is no mention of any moral worthiness, achievement or preparedness in Mary, only humble trust and surrender. She gives us all therefore, a bottomless hope in our own little state. If we ourselves try to “manage” God, or manufacture our own worthiness by any performance principle whatsoever, we will never bring forth the Christ, but only ourselves.

Mary does not manage, fix, control of “perform” in any way. She just says “yes!” and brings forth the abundance … This is really quite awesome.’

Some questions for reflection:
how can I receive instead of ‘managing’ life?
Does ‘managing’ give me a sense of importance?
How does receiving give me a sense of unimportance?
And what is importance, anyway????? |-|

From Richard Rohr, ‘Preparing for Christmas’, St Anthony Messenger Press 2008)


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