Some of you may remember the story of Serena, our Burkina Faso trafficked lady, and her little daughter Tila, an elective mute.

I last wrote about this in July, when we had all been to court with her, and the judge had allowed her appeal on the grounds that the welfare of Tila had not been considered.

The Home Office had two weeks to appeal against this ruling. The appeal never came, and we all, in our naivete, thought that it was only a matter of time before Serena received Right to Remain.

The bad news is that today, more than 4 months later, she had a huge wadge of paper through the post which gives all the reasons why she is not going to be allowed to remain after all, and she must lodge another appeal on different grounds in two weeks, or be forcibly repatriated.

We’re all depressed. Tila is beginning to do well with her speech therapy, and the two of them have been looking so much happier. Serena shed 10 years after the last ruling: she now looks much older again.

We’re going through the ruling with a fine toothcomb. There are still things that have not been taken into consideration – in particular, the fact that Tila’s muteness was traumatic in origin. In other words, it must have arisen out of having to watch her mother being abused.

How is forcible repatriation going to help a 5-year-old with psychological problems owing to past trauma? Burkina Faso is not a well-developed country and certainly can’t offer any help. This is inhumane treatment.

Hub is now engaged in writing a letter of his own, and he and Serena will go to see a firm of lawyers tomorrow who run a free drop-in service. The previous service has been deprived of its grant and no longer exists.

I know that our Borders Agency has a real job to do catching people who are here illegally and sending them home. But the botched way they are handling this situation begins to feel very much like harassment.

All hands on the prayer deck, and we fight on, as long as we can.



13 thoughts on “BAD NEWS

  1. Oh what a nightmare and how utterly vile of the immigration bods. They let so many slip through their fingers and then latch onto somebody who has clearly every need to NOT be forcibly returned. It does seem like harrassment simply because they CAN. I am so sorry to hear this.

    Yes… prayers….:yes:xxxx


  2. What a dreadful situation. My heart goes out to her and the little five year old. Having had to deal with so much beaurocracy my self this past year, and I am a British subject, speak the language, have not be traulmatised…….and so can only imagine what a mine field it is for those that are so vulnerable.
    Thank God that you and Hub are there to help. I will send lots of hummingbirds in your direction:)x


  3. It really does seem sometimes that the right people are refused residency while some real wrong ‘uns are given leave to stay.
    I hope the Home Office are persuaded to reverse their decision


    1. Me too, Athel. Starting by answering the question ‘you were given 2 weeks to appeal against the ruling. How come it’s taken you 4 months?’ Thanks for your good hopes!


  4. The Home Office not appealing, is not, surely, grounds enough to require different stories. Why did the HO not appeal? Insufficient staff; unwilling to do so through overwork; work to rule; other management direction unrelated to the case? That office needs to be answering some questions.


    1. Hub has just put together a very challenging letter to take to the lawyers tomorrow. We shall see … and pray! Thanks for your good wishes. They are much appreciated.


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