I’ve been plagued for the last 4 months with aching joints. Sometimes my neck has ached so much it’s been too much effort to keep my head upright! – and I’ve needed to sit or even lie down. It’s affected all the main muscle groups: neck, elbows, shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, kneed and ankles.

At the same time I’ve felt absolutely drained of energy, and have found it hard to concentrate on anything for very long. Paracetamol etc has not relieved the aching at all.

Eventually, when it didn’t go of its own accord, I pottered off to my GP who ran a gamut of blood tests. Nothing.

So she sent me to the rheumatologist last week. He too ran me through a load of tests, asked some questions and then said

‘It’s fibromyalgia!’

I can’t tell you what a relief to have a proper diagnosis at last. He told me that fibromyalgia is a branch of arthritis (which I am also getting, yippee) and is linked to a number of things but mainly, chronic insomnia.

Apparently I am a typical case of a ‘flare-up’ – some people have it all the time: others, like me, have a flare-up from time to time.

It affects 2% of the population. There’s no cure, but there is treatment, and I have been given non-addictive medication to help me sleep better. He said that if they can get me to sleep properly, eventually the symptoms should reduce.

He handed me a leaflet – it even has its own leaflet! – which said, amongst other things, that you can look well while being in a lot of pain.


(from FMS/CMS support group website)

I don’t suppose it’s every patient that walks out of the surgery with a spring in her step because she’s had a diagnosis, but it has raised my morale to discover that this wretched condition has a name. It also rules out a number of things which were lurking at the back of my mind |-|

Pheeewww. Now to see what happens next … :yes:


31 thoughts on “DIAGNOSIS AT LAST

  1. Glad to hear you have a diagnosis. I hope you can look forward to sound sleep. Knowing that you have a recognised condition tells you that you are not making it up. Please take your doctor’s advice and rest when necessary.
    Wishing you nights of deep, sound sleep.


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been suffering. But my impression of you, is that youcan learn new things, and can adapt to difficult situations. And this is the time to start dealing with insomnia. I would suggesty a little quiet time before you go to bed. What is important is to change one’s attitude to sleep and rest. Rest is sometimes as good as sleep. I think this is something that you will be able to overcome. And send you my best wishes.


    1. Thank you very much, Shimon. The insomnia is of very long standing and I have been through a number of phases with it. I’ve now devised an evening routine which helps a little, as well as having virtual blackout in the bedroom! A hot drink at night, a book (but no TV), a bedside lamp and a clock radio are all part of my armoury. Plus, not getting panicky when I don’t sleep, but getting up and do something quiet for a while before trying to sleep again.

      And I’ve learnt that it’s amazing how much one can do on very little sleep! – although, as is now clear, it is having an adverse effect on my health. Never mind, at least now I know what’s wrong, and I know what can be done. And that’s good news.


      1. I know what you’re saying about how much one can do with little sleep. But it’s worth your while to find out all the advantages of calm, rest and sleep… and I have a feeling that if you focus on it in a positive way, you will soon find your solution. Seems to me that it is the panic of not being able to sleep that is most disruptive. But the pleasure of rest can be an antidote.


  3. Glad you have a diagnosis at last. As you know I also have it and when first diagnosed I was as excited as you. For years everyone said it was ‘ just my back’ but I knew it was more. Now it will probably be different types of drugs. I have a number of posts on it, have a browse. I’m always here if you need me. Take care 🙂 xx


  4. I think it’s very important to be able to give something a name, and as you say in giving your malady a name, it has ruled out lots of other more sinister thoughts, which I am sure have gone through your mind.
    Also, you now have full permission to rest:) I am so pleased to hear this news Gilly.x


  5. Well I am delighted that you have a diagnosis!!! Yes the mind can go into the realms of unimaginable horrors!

    Shame there is no treatment though. Hopefully you will have more restful nights especially as you are off grandchildren duty!

    The leaflet made me laugh!xxxx


  6. i hear of this illness more often as well. I have a couple of friends with it, and know it can be very painful when it flares up. I am sure though you will manage it well, with Gods help


  7. A diagnosis is an affirming thing to know. I have heard about people being diagnosed with fibromyalgia much more. I don’t whether it is because of the group of people I talk to, or, whether there is better awareness of it, or, both.

    Now you can arm yourself with knowledge. 🙂


  8. 0h this sounds like me and i was told i had ostearthritus scuse spelling. I had an xray on my neck and have suffered pain for years, i dont sleep well eaither. There are so many arthritus conditions that its hard to know which one it is if ever as it can change with age.xx


  9. must be such a relief to have found out what it was, I hadn’t realised how badly you’d been suffering though I do recall you’d had a lot of trouble with the aching joints….

    You poor love… but I really hope and PRAY the meds will get you sleeping and the flare up subsides etc. I have no advice to give you what-so-ever 8| honest, guv! 😉



  10. I’m so pleased you have found out whats wrong. I knew you were suffering. I like the warning sign. very apt!
    I think with medication and sleep you will start to feel much better. x


  11. It’s good to get a diagnosis as you say the mind does work overtime when you don’t know what’s the cause.

    My blogfriend Murphymole’s daughter has this condition and manages it well ….. you should have a chat with her.


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