Yesterday, being our day off, we were on our way to a walk when we fancied a cup of tea and coffee first. Coming up to a busy roundabout, we spotted a tea room opposite and even managed to park nearby.

We discovered it had only been open 10 days. The decor was clean and modern in black and white, the cakes were all made in their own bakery and were of a very high standard.

But the real interest of the place is, that they will only stock and sell BRITISH food and drink. We said, ‘British Tea??????????’

Ah yes! they said. There is a tea plantation in Cornwall and all our teas come from there! 88|

Well, we have joked about Yorkshire tea often enough … Sure enough, the shop sources its teas from the Tregothnan estate

Tregothnan Estate

(picture from Tregothnan website)

Sadly, they didn’t have my favourite rooibos tea, which is fair enough seeing as how it’s South African … but they did ‘wash’ the Earl Grey tea leaves for me, as apparently that reduces the amount of caffeine.

We’ll be back!


22 thoughts on “BRITISH TEA

      1. So they washed out the flavouring that creates Earl Grey? Amazing. I am curious to know how much of a reduction in tannin there would have been.

        I am not a tea connoisseur, so am not in a position to speak about the whys and wherefores. Of the standard tannin teas, Earl Grey would be the only one I would go for, with me creating and adjusting the strength of the drink.


      2. Earl Grey – a la Twinings et al – contains bergamot as far as I know, as its main flavour ingredient. What particular leaf is used in the process, is not something I have any knowledge of, not being a tea person.


  1. How amazing… I’m all in favour of the buy British thing – we need to support ourselves don’t we! That is astonishing though, that they grow TEA in this country 8| . I like rooibos tea too! xxx


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