I’ve been in Bristol all day seeing estate agents etc … all on my usual meagre quota of sleep, but I’ve borne up reasonably well, as I have learned to do. Surprising how much one can function on how little sleep.

I generally choose the Quiet Zone carriage when I travel by train, but I do wish that the railway staff would enforce the quiet rule a bit more often. Both journeys were spoilt by people with their wretched mobile phones playing silly ringtones – they either didn’t know, or didn’t care that the Quiet Zone means


An announcement was made, to no effect – in the end, a woman working on her laptop leaned across and asked the main offender if she could please turn her ringtone off – it was pinging every few minutes. >:XX

Left the station and walked across the city and got to my bus stop, wishing I’d put on an extra layer today. I’d underestimated the drop in temperature. Happily, the bus timetable was all wrong so that my bus arrived far sooner than expected. I sat in a bedazed fug, hoping I wouldn’t miss my stop in the dark.

It’s always a relief when the bus turns into my road and I ring the bell for the next stop. I got off, silently thankful for a trouble-free journey.

As I approached our gate, the light from the streetlamp caught a gleam of metal swinging from the handle. I wondered if somebody had picked up a key from the street, and hung it over our gate in case the owner should come back and look for it.

I lifted it in my fingers, and saw that it was a St Christopher medal.


It could be that somebody had dropped it and it had been rescued by someone else. But somehow it seemed as if that person had put the medallion there on purpose.

So many people come to our door and not all of them with good intent. But it would be nice to think that one of them had enjoyed their cup of tea, and had left us his blessing.

I’ll probably never know.


32 thoughts on “WHAT’S THAT ON MY GATE?

  1. How wonderful! Definitely a blessing to you and how appropriate after your short wait for a bus etc… That is so heart-warming… how lovely! And you with the world on your shoulders at the moment….. how very apt St Christopher should be there for you 🙂


      1. Well I know I was praying for you all, that something would happen so that you knew you were being prayed for, and know that God is right there so I am feeling as if I’ve been given witness that my prayers are being heard somehow….???

        I am sure somebody put that there for you with great purpose and it just so happens that one of the spin offs is that it makes me feel MY prayers are being heard too….

        Anyway. That makes at least two people praying for you Gillyk and am sure many many more besides!!!


      2. You know I have this theory, for which I have no evidence! – but sometimes I wonder if God singles out somebody to pray specifically for another person, as if it is their particular ministry.

        My second daughter reckons my prayers for her always get answered … 😉

        But anyway, it was a very special moment and I feel very blessed to have your prayers.


      3. 🙂 and I feel very blessed to have yours too… it is just such a wonderful thing, prayer.

        I am wondering if my lot is to pray for people because I don’t seem to succeed in any of my earthly endeavours….. Goes with the Carmelite territory too….

        I am so chuffed somebody put that St Christopher there for you! 🙂 So apt when you have so many burdens to bear and the Christ child got so so so heavy didn’t he…..


  2. I hope the medallion is claimed. It is lovely that it was found/left where you stay. On the other hand, I do very much appreciate the sentiment this find holds in the circumstances of your day.

    A relative, now deceased, was given a ‘charm’ necklace by her father at her birth. She always wore it and firmly believed it kept her safe during WWII and throughout her life. She passed the ‘charm’ necklace on to us.


    1. I know of course that for many people such things and thoughts are held dear. For me the value was much more in the possible sentiment, than in the object itself – although it seemed very appropriate in the circumstances, St Christopher being the patron saint of travellers!


  3. There is something very beautiful about this gesture… that has no complete explanation, but came just at the right time to just the right person. Thank you for sharing the story.


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