Yesterday I dug out my best coat and put my poppy on it, wore heels and a proper skirt and generally made an effort, as I was leading the service and also out of respect for those we were remembering.

The treasurer turned up in a dark 3-piece suit, looking immensely smart. He usually arrives in a paint-stained fleece and pair of old jeans.

We eyed each other and agreed we both looked unusually smart.

‘We look as if we’ve been dressed by our mothers,’ said he …




      1. Oh, yes, bless her. My sister and I were taken to a shop every school holidays to buy our winter, spring and summer wardrobes. The whole lot in one hit then onto the school uniform outfitters. We didn’t start doing the trendy shops until we were about 17 – lovely memories. Mum just loved dressing up and loved everything matching, hat, bags, shoes. I really wish we hadn’t given all her clothes away but that what she wanted. She died young, only 53, and knew she was ill and just told us to take what we wanted and if no-one in the family wanted anything then to give it to charity. Mind you most went to her two sisters who used to love mums cast downs.

        Happy memories. πŸ™‚ x


      1. When a child? In awful awful clothes! :)) However, I did have a beautiful yellow gauzy party dress with little rosebuds all over it and sparkly silver shoes and lacy tights and a little chenille stole for parties when I was little…. But that was the highlight…. :)) After that it was downhill all the way and for some reason she wanted me to wear things that made me look exceptionally PRISSY!! :))


      2. Oh dear … not according to your personality, then πŸ˜‰

        Eldest daughter from a very early age absolutely LOATHED dresses, and was much happier in torn t shirt and jeans up the nearest tree. I have a photo of her at 4 looking simply livid because I’d made her wear a dress for the studio photo with her sisters … she’s never quite forgiven me πŸ˜‰


      3. We were looking at photos with my mum on Sunday…. Daughter with a boy’s haircut and trackies and t-shirt aged 5… heartbreaking 😦 she was a tom boy too. I never got to plait her hair or anything girly nor dress her up etc…. :no:

        Now she is plastered in make up and girlie as they come πŸ™„ Don’t like that NEITHER :))


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