Following on from my post yesterday concerning the lead stolen off our church roof, I have discovered that there is a petition to the government to prohibit cash sales of scrap metal.

If you feel so inclined, would you be happy to sign it? It doesn’t just affect churches, but also war memorials, power lines, metal fencing etc. It is very simple to do.

If you do – thanks! If you don’t – thanks for reading anyway!



24 thoughts on “STEALING LEAD – A PETITION

    1. Do you know, I’ve tried about 10 times, but I cannot get the link to go ‘live’. I’ve used the new editor, clicked on ‘insert media code’, pasted the link, pressed to publish and … nothing! Any ideas?


      1. It worked okay for me. I C+P’d the url you gave into my browser address bar and it took me to the page to complete the form. Once done and ‘send’ button clicked upon, you log out, wait for a confirmatory email to the personal email address you supply, click on the link given in it, and hey presto, that’s the equivalent of your signature. Your name is then added to the petition.


    1. As I said to Menhir, I think the government is already considering this as there is such a rash of metal thefts all over the country, with some well-publicised thefts adding to everyone’s indignation, like the names prised off the war memorial. A petition should add weight to the ’cause’, one hopes.


    1. As I mentioned in my original reply to GillyK, this whole scenario has occurred before, and very much in living memory. There was disgust expressed then, also some general amazement at the heights scaled to get the lead from Church spires. I remember at that time, some scrap dealers being investigated, books checked etc.

      When the price of metals on the global markets go through the roof, nothing is safe. What stops the thievery, till the next time, is the bottom falling out of the market prices.

      While one can be sceptical about the power of the petition idea, it does send a message that people have feelings about a particular issue, feelings which might just be listened to at some point in time. As for the here and now, you can be sure, if new legislation or regulations are considered, they will not be drawn up overnight nor come into force that quickly. The bottom line will always be a consideration; the one that will speak volumes and hold sway would be one that puts money into the Exchequer, not one that takes it out.

      All that said, it would not deter me from supporting a petition on this issue.


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