‘And the Lord God said, ‘Let us make man in the image of the ape. Let the ape stand upright, and begin to gather tools, to make fire, to cook, to garden. Let him learn to speak, to sing, to laugh, to weep, to think, to imagine, to create. Let him build cities that he may share them with others of his kind. Let him learn to fly, to float, to dig. Let him rule the earth and reach for the sun.’
And it was so.’


If this was in Genesis, I bet certain people would become very indignant. ‘What sort of God would make us out of animals? How dare this book rob us of our human dignity! It is all a load of rubbish. Not worth believing.’




  1. I remember hearing somewhere, that a story very like Genesis is to be found in Legends that predate the Bible. A simple explanation of how the world and people came into existence was bound to be written. It would pass the long winter nights with a sense of wonder and was probably never intended to be believed as wholly factual throughout.

    I learned today, that Peter Vardy (stinking rich local businessman) has dropped out of funding a local Christian school that teaches creationism. Whilst Vardy is a creationist and has not changed this view, he has dropped out of this aspect of public life because of the stick he was getting from people, telling him that it was barking mad. Just as the record I wasn’t one of them!


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