16 thoughts on “JUDGEMENT

  1. I do think of that quote a lot.

    I also remember the thing Jesus said about “the poor will always be with us” when Judas was moaning about the precious oil the lady (Mary of Magdala??) annointed him with…. As of…. perhaps you can tell how civilised a place is by the way they look after – or don’t – their poor :yes:… As if the poor are our challenge… not something you can ever get rid of…. they are our challenge.

    Thanks for that… always good to be reminded… – Holy postit 😉


    1. There was a South American theologian who used to talk about God’s ‘preferential option for the poor’. I actually don’t think that God ‘prefers’ anyone – Jesus said he makes his rain fall on the just and the unjust – but I do see his point, that caring for the needs of others is part of God’s character and part of what He wants us to share.



      1. Yes…. and in a way… looking after the poor and not cursing and bullying and punishing them is also symbolic of nurturing whatever is ‘poor’ in ourselves. I think the sign of a civilised or otherwise society is also reflected in how women are treated and children and the disabled, elderly, immigrants etc and men too of course.

        As for the preferential option for the poor… hmmmm..:crazy:


      2. 😳 I don’t understand the expression ‘my brother’s keeper’….. so I don’t understand the point when somebody says indignantly (guiltily?) ‘I’m not my brother’s keeper’….. 😳


      3. Well it’s Cain and Abel, innit – Cain kills Abel and then God says ‘where’s your brother?’ And Cain says how should he know? Is he his brother’s keeper?? And the implication is ‘yes you flipping well are!!’ So I sort of understand that God is meaning that we’re responsible to Him and to each other to care about each other … or something … 🙄


      4. :)) I’m always forgetting it … 😉 … it’s not a very convenient belief!!! – and it’s also very hard to work it out sometimes :yes:


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