21 thoughts on “THE MISSING PICTURE

    1. They are high-quality photos and I had a lot of trouble uploading them – they took ages and then the system would collapse, so I opted for fewer rather than more … and I decided against the Crucifixion, although it is stunning – you might like it, dt – here it is, if you’re interested


      1. It’s such an ace idea, when so many are illiterate – just like we used to be in England, when our churches were also painted and for the same reason!


      2. No, sorry, I have a bad habit of lifting a sentence out of a train of thought without explaining, and then everyone looks blank!

        Wot I mean is, that Cromwell and the Puritans painted over all the pictures, and went around smashing statues and ‘idols’ and insisting everyone’s worship was totally plain. And there are still Protestants like this. But the Anglicans are much more open these days to things like icons, (although not all of us), and the spiritual riches of other Christian traditions, and even the Baptists have been known to have the odd picture on their walls …88|


      3. 88| surely not!? 😉 Good to have a few pictures or statues… have to say I’m not a fan of too much stuff and I don’t care for overly ornate stuff such as Baroque or even high Gothic…. I like plainess and simplicity but with some really choice icons or whatever :yes: Plainess can be very calming but have to admit I do pine if there is no crucifix 😉 I love the Byzantine thing with mosaics with the little gold tiles all glittering away 🙂


      4. I had a funny conversation with an Orthodox priest in Romania once. He was building a church, and he took us round it – it was just the plain building, nothing inside yet. And I looked around and thought it was lovely, and that the architecture was very harmonious. And he said that of course it wasn’t finished – it would be much better once it had all the icons painted on the wall. And I said that I liked it as it was … 😉

        Not that I have any real objection to icons, of course, provided people understand what they are … she said hastily … but like you I don’t go for high Baroque either!


      5. I think it can make a church very cluttered and anyway, visual things tend to become invisible after a while….. if you know what I mean. Once you have ‘assimilated’ them they disappear…. I think plainess and simplicity and white washedness or just pale walls and the occasional statue or icon good. I think with icons they are so powerful they should only be brought out on special occasions.

        However the Orthodox people must just see or appreciate everything differently. I can only really focus on one thing at a time I find and I go through phases of intensely relating to an icon or statue and then that has passed and I’ve moved on.

        I used to be absolutely fascinated with the crucifix in my church but now I hardly look at it…. I have exhausted my contemplation of it – for the time-being anyway.

        Churches can be very dark and oppressive with too much ornamentation…..

        I went to Spain when 19 and travelled all round and dutifully went into many churches and cathedrals etc even though a non believer but because they are usually buildings of interest but I was actually grossed out by all the GOLD and STUFF…. it was just way too OTT! But a simple little plain chapel… very minimal and maybe white-washed inside…. and a few stainglassed windows and maybe a few bits of statue or icons…. perfect… Just the sunlight streaming in through a window and the peace and simplicity is transcendental….. Or just flowers in a vase or leaves or shells etc…

        HOWEVER…. Catholic ‘tat’ is fascinating …. and did help my transition from Pagan to Christian enormously in the beginning.

        Now I use my bits and bobs as ‘triggers’ to remind me of a prayer or a contemplation – I suppose like little Holy postits if you know what I mean! 🙂

        Baroque is gross…. too much ornate stone work and too much heavy dark heavily embellished wood carving… just depressing… though quaint figurative carvings and misericords wonderful…. I’m rambling…..


      6. LOVE the idea of holy postits!!!

        The atmosphere in churches etc affects me too. Sometimes they are just cold museums. Other times there’s such a powerful sense of prayer and presence. Very mysterious.


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