Feel really shattered. Hub is ill with a tummy bug at present and spent yesterday in bed, and I spent the whole day preparing for today. I was teaching the children this morning, and then running a workshop on how to lead church prayers immediately after the service.

I think it was past 7pm when I finally finished prep last night, and had the handouts and visual aids all ready in neat piles. The printer/copier decided to pack up, so I had to adapt and work out how to get round this very inconvenient situation :##.

This morning I found myself working hard in children’s church as I was getting very little cooperation from the lad I have mentioned before. However, I’d had a chat with Eldest Daughter about it, who works in an inner-city secondary school and deals with far worse behaviour daily, so I felt better equipped to cope with it and simply worked with those who were responsive. He decided it wasn’t much fun being ignored 😉

Then on to the workshop, which I held at home, but not before there had been the usual batch of challenges. I’d phoned one lady yesterday who informed me emphatically that she would not be able to come. However, after the service, and discovering that one of her best mates was coming, she suddenly decided that she would attend after all.

I rushed home and did another batch of handouts.

Then I discovered that one woman was not attending – but her husband said he would come instead. He duly turned up on the doorstep, but having discovered that it wasn’t going to be over in 20 minutes, decided he didn’t have time. So I could have given his notes to the other lady, and not bothered to make an extra set …:**:

I was going to feed them all pizza, so I asked at the beginning who would like to have some lunch. Everybody announced that they wouldn’t.

Halfway through, I suggested we had a break and I got some food. No thank you, they said, we’re enjoying this and we don’t want to stop 8|

At the end, the lady who said she couldn’t stay, then decided she would, but told us she had to be away by 2.30 to visit her daughter in hospital, suddenly asked me if I was going to give them some food.

‘But you said …’ I said feebly. That was no excuse. She expected, she said, that I would have had the food all ready to give them as soon as they had finished. I pointed out humorously that I hadn’t yet mastered the art of being in two rooms at once, the meeting room and the kitchen :>>.

No, she didn’t have time to wait the 10 minutes for the pizza to cook. She would have a sandwich and go.

But I had already given most of our bread to a guy who came to the door a few minutes back, was down on his luck, really trying to get his life together, but was short of food.

Still, there was enough for their sandwiches, and I cooked a pizza anyway, knowing what would happen.


:yes: as soon as I brought it in, said lady eyed it and said she loved pizza but she was already full with her sandwich.

I went and got a doggy bag, and handed her the knife.


20 thoughts on “NOT EATING THE PIZZA

  1. Oh g, it made me feel exhausted just reading what you have done. You need to take a rest you must have been well and truly shattered. I did tell you that my sister has been diagnose with Polymyalgia didn’t I? The steroids have really worked for her but do take care of yourself, ‘please’ xx


    1. Thanks, Bar! We had a day off yesterday so that really helped, and I am feeling perkier today and getting a lot done. The joint aches are still there but I’m not feeling as unwell as I did.


    1. I was shattered at the end, Indigo! I’m still not feeling well with minor polymyalgia, so I sank into the sofa and uttered monosyllables for the rest of the day 😉


      1. I knew you still was not feeling too good. I used to work at one time helping people but they drain you. They don’t realise the effort that you put in. In the end my health deteriorated and I left.
        You put in so much X


  2. Oh my goodness! :)) Most fortunate that you are used to such behaviour… 😉 People can be so very …… trying? or something!

    Well done you for not exploding or using the pizza as a missile! :))


    1. It’s a cultural thing, Murphy – good job I have 10 years working in Nigeria and 5 in Romania under my belt, and am used to people who don’t plan ahead and just do things on a whim!


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