It’s our day off today, and we decided to do one of our favourite things – drive down to Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire, have a cup of coffee, then walk from there to the Jinney Ring and tuck in to a marvellous lunch, then walk back, carrying our tummies over our arms.

So we did. It’s been beautiful weather. It was warm and sunny, but with autumnal mist and a very pleasant breeze which took the edge off the heat. On our way we saw these two horses: they had been divided by a temporary fence, and they were just standing there motionless, side by side, with the fence dividing them, looking positively depressed. Look at the odd crook in one horse’s neck.

horses divided

After lunch we walked through their field again. Someone had taken pity on them and they were now together, cropping the grass and looking much happier.


The restaurant is in a craft centre which also has outside tables overlooking the countryside, with a couple of ponds, and these hilarious Indian Runner ducks.

Indian runners

They are friendly and unafraid and used to being fed by the diners (ssh – it’s not allowed) – but once they realised I was only interested in taking their picture they kept wandering out of shot :))

I love this one – it looks like a bride with her veil caught in the wind!

bride duck

And here is Mrs Cutie – look at the way her toes turn in. Enchanting.

cute duck

Judging by the way she has her beady eye on me, she hasn’t given up hope that the thing in my hand might be a snack …

Most of the ducks were diving in the pond, so we were faced with an array of bottoms with their legs frantically paddling:

bottoms up

And do you think this looks like a dinosaur? Oh go on, say yes and humour me.

dinosaur log

Since we came home, the sky has clouded over and the wind is getting up. We were blessed to have a warm and sunny, relaxed walk before the change of weather.



  1. What lovely pictures and story of your walk! I adore ducks too and particularly when they are upside-down paddling frantically! Lovely walk and pictures… and yes there was definitely a dinosaur there! πŸ™‚

    It has cheered me up too!xxx


  2. I like ducks very much. We don’t have many around here… And loved your post. Such beautiful pictures, and such a pleasant account of a beautiful day, and sensitivity to the season. It really has put me in good spirits. And as for the dinosaur, thatΒ’s a great picture. Thanks for a beautiful post!


  3. It’s a beautiful post,Gilly.Fantastic photos.I’m glad you had a day out before the heatwave is over.I like your ducks especially.Winter may come but we’ve had more sun here this summer


  4. Delightful day out. I’ve seen horses together, where the dominant one does a fair bit of head butting of its companions, eventually drawing blood. They were separated out at one stage, to be fielded together another time. It gave some breathing space before the hierarchical games started up again.

    Delightful pictures. A cross footed duck, not seen every day. Now she had been cross-legged…….

    I think your tree trunk is some kind of ‘saurus’ but which type, I cannot be sure.


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