We took the major decision, a few months ago, to move out of our huge, impossible-to-heat church building and start worshipping in the hall instead. It’s full steam ahead to smarten up the hall, with paint, new carpet and chairs, and plans for the future.

So today was our last service in the church, and it was harvest festival. Somebody donated some huge red and white chrysanthemums, which were spectacular. There’d been a request for a traditional harvest, so I dug off the internet some old favourite hymns, and we managed to get an organist – usually Hub plays on the keyboard. I spent some time preparing the service with lots of powerpoint and overheads, images to lead people to reflect and to pray.

It was also special because it was the first harvest from our community garden. Some readers may remember the trouble we had with this piece of land which is the back half of the vicarage garden, with neighbours breaking through the fence, nailing up our own gate, and claiming the land was theirs despite legal letters and land registry proof to the contrary.

paddock previously

We haven’t heard anything from them for a good while now, so the community garden has gone ahead and is really working well. It was a great moment, to have the first carrots, runner beans and tomatoes.

community garden

Although there are very mixed feelings about moving out of a building where some people have worshipped for many years, and which holds many dear memories for them, we certainly finished with a flourish. And although it’s harvest now, maybe in spiritual reality it’s seed-time for the church, with a harvest yet to come.


8 thoughts on “THE LAST HARVEST

  1. Doesn’t the garden look amazing, you have done so well. I’m sure your new home for your services will be beautiful with you in charge if it. Do let us have some photos when you have your first service 🙂


    1. Thanks, Barmac. It’s all going to be red and orange and white. Maybe that should be red and orange and green and then we can be the neighbourhood traffic light … 😉


  2. What an interesting point… about the seeds…. to be scattered? And they’ll spread and grow elsewhere.

    Must have been quite an emotional service…:(…

    Glad the trespassing neighbours haven’t bothered you for a while. I do remember them being a nightmare……

    Wow it really is a time of change now isn’t it? xxx


    1. Yes, huge change, and we know we will lose some over this. But we don’t have a choice. And although the spiritual garden is looking sparse at the moment (not to mention the odd weed and thistle 😉 ) I do hope and pray that God will give new growth and increase in the future.


    1. It went well, Janet. So much harvest produce on the steps that we had to get people to go through the Lady Chapel in order to arrive at the right place for Communion! thanks. I hope you’re having a lovely day.


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