chef and wives adbeer for mothers adcigarette adcocaine adtape worm ad


24 thoughts on “ADS YOU’LL NEVER SEE AGAIN

  1. It’s as well the ads are consigned to archives. 🙄 I must admit, I do have some empathy with the Blatz advert., replacing Blatz with sweetheart Stout!

    These styles of posters and forms of advertising must be great seminar material for media and arts courses.


      1. Ah, no, I don’t habitually drink and least of all Stouts. At the time, I needed a pick-up, as per the advice on the ad, while I just couldn’t face the bitterness of a Guinness, (the old midwives recommendation) half a can of Sweetheart Stout around 1-2pm, only for the very early months, was an excellent substitute and worked wonders all round!


  2. :)) I do have a friend who lost lots of weight mysteriously and was found to have worms, caught off her toddler daughter 🙄 !!!! She was pleased to lose the weight if repulsed by the cause…. 88|

    Excellent adverts! :))


    1. We used to have to worm ourselves and the kids regularly in Nigeria … and I remember having to have it when we lived on Tristan da Cunha when we were children! Worm eggs live under your nails, apparently … much scrubbing with the nailbrush 😉


      1. Wow I just looked up Tristan da Cunha – I had wondered what the small island was you lived on…. how AMAZING!!! were you then during the volcano????

        Anyway… glad you survived the tape worm thing! Never had them myself….. but perhaps in view of wanting to lose weight……… 😉


      2. No, we were there 56-61 – it was the best childhood! We left just before the volcano blew, much to the utter disgust of us kids … we’d missed all the excitement!!


      3. Hmm. It’s a sort of mixture between the fascinating and the infuriating and the just plain tedious. The main thing is, I’ve always been at peace that this is where God wants us until we retire next year … so there we are.


      4. Retire next year? Another adventure then! 🙂

        I’d go back and kick that volcano and see if you can set it off again seeing as you missed it last time round….. 😉


      5. I think the islanders might take a dim view … they were already evacuated once and didn’t like it and promptly went back as soon as they could!


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