12 thoughts on “HOLDING A GRUDGE

      1. Not really, gillyk. I’m sorry to say but I still can’t find a doctor who will take a new Medicare patient. Plus, the hives reaction to the bacterial infection was in my throat and lungs. All is gone now, except my lungs are red hot and painful. At least the 72 chiggers in my skin are gone now! They lasted two months of incredible itching, espeiclly at four in the morning!!
        I shall have to go to the Emergency Room again probably, very soon. This is a terrible place. Five months ago I applied for new Citizenship papers which was demanded before I can vote here, or hold an Alabama Driver’s License. It had to have my present photo on it instead of the one taken in 1966! I am still waiting for that too.
        Plus, we just learned today that David’s son and his wife, who insisted that we move up here, are going to divorce after two years counseling. What a shock!
        Now I think I can understand why she has been so very cold toword me since I got here. I suppose she felt it was no use making a friend out of me, but I shall still attend her Church, and I intend to still be her ‘friend’ whether she wants me to be or not.
        That is their business, not ours. But it is sad because their son only just started at the University and he is doing very well indeed, e.g., first on Sociology out of 600 students! They are going to tell him this weekend.
        Life is so filled with surprises, and that is why I cherish every wonderful day on this planet, especially with somebody I love.
        Many blessings to you, gillyk, and thank you for all you do. JW XX


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