Following on from yesterday’s post, I can’t resist this 😉 :




  1. You’ve been spammed….creationism must have gone to the guy’s head, or more like, feet.

    Accidentally, we met a creationist family, one parent is a highly educated scientist. The kids left the nest one by one, though not forever. Familial ties still have their place. They seem to be socially okay and have good school qualifications One, the youngest has been educationally and socially handicapped by the parents, who decided, to avoid contamination by state educationists, by keeping the youngest child at home, home being in a remote place that was difficult to get to. In this isolation with no peer contact, this child was stated to be receiving home education. The nice thing is, I always get a bright smile from the youngest child on the rare occasion that we meet.


    1. Yes, I realise he was a spammer – but he appears to have read the post instead of dumping the usual stuff!

      I have friends who are creationists, also with high educational qualifications.


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