Eldest Daughter, Partner and Eldest Granddaughter all came to Sunday supper. As it had taken me 3 hours to produce a roast dinner for 9 people the previous Sunday, and I don’t like cooking :no: … I decided that this week it was going to be easier! The chicken casserole was very nice, and I halved the spuds, drizzled them with sesame oil and baked them … yummy.


My sister turned up in the middle, 2 hours later than she had intended, on her way home from dumping a child at uni. Because she was so late and I needed to feed the family we didn’t get much time to talk, so I accompanied her to the garden gate in the middle of the meal to say goodbye. We started to chat – as she said, 7 hours’ worth of talking in 7 minutes – although I think it was slightly longer than that šŸ˜³

By the time I got in the washing up from the first course was done. All I had to do was to pop the meringue on top of the fruit and cake for a baked alaska. A late pudding but scrummy!

Eldest daughter had to go into hospital the next day, so youngest daughter is staying with gorgeous grandson in order to offer a bit of moral support, and I had eldest granddaughter for a sleepover last night so that Mum could have a bit of p and q at home after being discharged. She is recovering rapidly and arrived with Partner today to take YD and GG out to the park. She’s already looking better, much to my relief.

I have just finished preparing the harvest service for Sunday, and can hear GG waking up … and a late lunch calls.


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