Yesterday we were 20 mins into the service before our children’s church teacher for the day turned up … phew, I had not prepared anything! We puttered off to the chapel as usual, only for her to say that she had a headache and almost phoned me because she didn’t really feel up to doing it. Then she had only prepared a bit of the lesson, and although she has now done a year’s certificate course, had clearly forgotten that the main point of the story is the … main point :yes:. I hate intervening and don’t think I should, but as the kids were obviously bewildered, I suggested we discuss it for a bit and managed to get some interesting feedback on the subject of keeping promises.

Her son, aged 10, was playing up (again) and although I engaged him some of the time, he spent the rest of the time with his head tilted back, his mouth open, joggling rhythmically against the table so we all wobbled in unison. As it was obviously a ploy to get attention, we ignored it ;D

It’s always a dilemma. If I wait for Mum to call him to order, it doesn’t happen. She just says vaguely ‘be good’, and he takes absolutely no notice. But if I have a word with him, she gets annoyed :??:

Then, nobody thought to call us through at Communion time, until one of the stewards appeared in the chapel holding the bread. We scrambled into our places at top speed :crazy:

After the service, I had to whizz into church because I was taking the Minutes of the church meeting (congregational style – we work with a congregational church here) and I also had some of the items from the agenda to present. Towards the end I could see half a dozen people wandering around and talking to each other, and as they needed to know the information, I said I would wait until they were ready.

I said it nicely, honest … but then, Mum from children’s church who I’d already annoyed was even more annoyed with me, and told me crossly that she had been talking to the others because somebody has had their handbag stolen during the service.

Huge consternation. It meant a good three-quarters of an hour of gossip. Who was it? Did anybody see? When was it? It was before the service. No it wasn’t, it was during. What were they like? How could they have done it with everyone watching?

One lady had actually seen a girl come in one church door, walk smoothly down the length of the church and out the back door. Must have done it then. The lady in question had a very good description, which we will hand on to the police. The treasurer and I went out into the street to see if the contents had been taken and the bag thrown away, but found nothing.


I got back and discovered the hens all still fluttering in the dovecote. I am still not feeling well with polymyalgia, so grabbed my things and sidled out while everyone was occupied.

Back home for cup of tea and a rest. Hub phoned the lady concerned and her husband, and discovered they had reported the theft to the police already, and had cancelled all her cards. Mercifully there was not much money in the bag, but she was very sad to lose her photos of her little girl.

Well, yesterday was called ‘Back to Church Sunday’ … we just didn’t think it would mean back to church, into church, pick up handbag, out of church, and away in one fell swoop. |-|


15 thoughts on “SOMETIMES I WONDER

  1. Oh DEAR… poor you – sounds all most EXASPERATING. I know just the sort of mum you are talking about – flippin’ heck… what is the matter with them? How can they not realise how their child is behaving etc etc….

    Awful shame about the handbag…. 😦 I am so sorry that happened 😦

    Oh big huge hugs – you have such a lot to deal with at the moment….. HUGE HUGS xxxxxx


  2. I feel emotionally tired reading all of this. It is a broad reflection of life as it is, even within a relatively small group.

    Sounds like 10 year old does not want to be where mum has him put and she will know this. Teenage rebellion creeps in earlier and earlier.

    It might we worth drawing a placard, or pasting a good and meaningful cartoon to a placard, expounding something like, let’s have fun together now and create mayhem afterwards!! (When you’re not there).


    1. It’s going to take some time, Murphy … but I keep putting one foot in front of the other and resting in-between! Life v busy and demanding at present. That’s the trouble with the life … it doesn’t stop!


  3. You seem to have a very ‘lively’ congregation. Advertise for a very,very old congregation, content to sit and nod. Then troop out very quietly and go home.

    Some people just enjoy creating a commotion, I wonder if the boy takes after his mother.

    Have a lovely peaceful evening not a policeman in sight.

    Liz xx.


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