Sweetheart Abbey, New Abbey – spot the sunshine!

Caerlaverock Castle

spider's web
In memory of Robert the Bruce

Solway Firth
Solway Firth: thought the light was wonderful

loch near Moffatt
Loch of the Lowes – walked some of this in driving rain!

Blacksmith's Shop
The famous Blacksmith’s Shop at Gretna Green, where brides still get married ‘over the anvil’.

By the way, I reduce all my photos in order to upload them quickly: is it only possible to upload good quality photos slowly, using lots of memory?

My lot are finally all in bed: hugs to you lot: downstairs now for a glass of vino and an unwind! 😉


  1. Enjoyed the pix. The various lights are what we see; you got a good reproduction of them.

    Caerlaverock castle was evocative of some scenes of Dunfermline Abbey, the parts which at one time were the medieval home of Scottish Kings and Queens.

    Regarding marrying at Gretna Green…it is quite an industry these days. The easiest thing for anyone who is considering a marriage in Scotland, is to either go online and compare the regulations with the English ones, or to go to the local registrar to where you live and ask for advice. CAB can assist as well, no doubt. One thing, any place registered for marriages should not incur registration costs over and above whatever the norm is today. Anywhere that is not registered can cost a much higher registration fee. Gretna, will no doubt, be registered.


  2. They are fabulous pics…you have given me an idea as well…Becci and Perry want to get married sometime…’sometime’ being the word…money being the reason. Gretna Green sounds a good option as somewhere different. Will have to look into the requirements for future.

    Your camera certainly gets the ‘colour’ as I said wonderful pics.

    P xx


  3. Answer to question, then going to bed.

    Blog will reduce pictures if they are very large,though not inordinately big, (really large pictures might get frozen out). Some websites allow for very much less than blog does.

    The answer is, if your Jpegs are reduced to 200kbs -the recommended size – or less, they will upload quicker as there is less reduction required from the website programme.

    Good to see you back.


    1. Thanks, Menhir. My Picasa programme reduces them anyway for uploading, but then of course I lose some of the quality. However, I don’t suppose it matters, as I am not pretending to be a ‘real’ photographer!


      1. What’s a real photographer?

        Picasa does reduce pictures as a matter of course, so, I guess that’s one less thing you have to concern yourself with. Compressing pixels more than Jpegs do anyway, doesn’t help retain quality does it.


      2. No, my son complains that my Picasa-sent photos are poor quality, so I’ve had to find a way of uploading the best quality! I’ve discovered the option for resizing pics, hidden under ‘export’ – you learn something every day, if you’ve a mind to … 😉


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