Can’t keep up with you guys at present – have come home to some very major family issues and am up to the eyes looking after daughters and grandchildren … the pace should calm down a bit, in the middle of next week … but meanwhile, am just dashing in for a few mins occasionally – which is why I’m not commenting on your beautiful blogs!



10 thoughts on “DISTRACTED

      1. It’s is totally perverse, if you rest some of the aching will be eased. If you rest a lot, don’t move around etc. the joints seize up, hurting a ruddy darn sight more when you attempt to loosen up. I do really sympathise. Age does not generally creep up on us alone.


      2. Yes, indeed. Supper cooked and over, hope the family have got the washing up done while I’ve been upstairs bathing grandchildren … heading for that cup of tea!

        I do appreciate the concern.


  1. Oh dear…hope nothing to traumatic. I have been busy with the grankids this last week so know how time consuming.

    You just take your time and sort things out.

    I am off here in a mo as TV….come dine with me calls….I just need a quiet day myself…I am sorry you are not getting one.

    My thoughts are with you hun.

    P xx


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