I don’t just mean ‘go on retreat’ ie do spiritual stuff, but also if you know of anyone wanting just to get away and be quiet for a while, but there’s not much in the kitty …

First, there’s the place where we’ve just been staying in Dumfriesshire in Scotland. Unfortunately the holiday cottage is no longer going to be let, but there is also a little ‘bothy’ cottage which would be ideal for a single person wanting some p and q …

The owner, Anne Shukman, a lovely lady, rents it out for £10 per person per night (yes, really) plus gas and electricity, which is read from the meter.

The place is called Elshieshields, which is an amazing fortified house


with woods and orchard, just outside Lochmaben (where Robert the Bruce had a castle) near Lockerbie. If you want any details then please send me a message!

Of course, you have to factor in the cost of getting there, and also food.

The other two places are on Lindisfarne, where there are 2 retreat houses, Marygate House, and The Open Gate. They accept people just for a donation of whatever you feel you can afford … but if you can’t afford anything, they don’t want anyone to feel they can’t go, and are prepared to consider you anyway. You can look them both up on the Lindisfarne website. http://www.lindisfarne.org.uk/religion/

Of course, you don’t get 5* accommodation … but if you’re prepared to accept clean and comfortable, and are willing to share a bathroom etc., then blissful Lindisfarne is yours to enjoy!



    1. No – the nearest Tesco is some miles away. There are a couple of little supermarkets in Lochmaben, which is a couple of miles away. Dunno if they would deliver! But you could ask. The Bothy will only take one person, by the way.


  1. For my own part, I have to be grateful that even the most persistent individuals in my Quaker Meeting have got the message and stop pestering me to go on a retreat! Oh, the relief!!

    I have the impression from all the Quakers in my Meeting that I am regarded as someone who ‘drags God into it’ altogether far too often and I am quite sure that they can do without it for a weekend… or more!


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