Now I know why the Scots are known as such a tough race. THE SUN NEVER SHINES UP THERE. Well, almost never – out of 13 days, 11 poured with rain …:-/


So the dark louring clouds and the incessant drizzle obviously create a doughty race of people 😉 (very beautiful scenery, even so).

(with apologies to Menhir!)


22 thoughts on “SCOTCH ‘MIST’ERY SOLVED!

  1. I have a friend who is a shepherd and he did one season in Scotland and said never again. He had never known such piercing cold.
    its rained here in the north nearly every day…its been a rotten summer.
    Hope you are feeling refreshed x


  2. Having been a student at Glasgow Uni in the late 1970s my recommendation is to go to Scotland in the April-June timeframe.

    Like anywhere in the UK, weather is not guaranteed but on average it is quite dry and warm. Also the midges have not managed to breed too much in Spring and early Summer but multiply with a vengeance later!

    I recall trying to study for my exams with about 25C and sunny skies in May in Glasgow. After the end of the exams the weather usually broke 😦



    1. Great to hear from you, O! I’m sure the sun does shine, as much as anywhere in the UK … it was a tongue in cheek comment, of course – and we were there during the tail-end of Hurricane Irene which swept across the north-west for about 3 days. How are you?


      1. I lived 7 years in Glasgow there were many weekend trips with incessant rain. So it can be pretty wet…

        I am doing well having been employed again for the last 3 months. I have much to be thankful for.



  3. How very odd. I have, over the years, enjoyed five week long holidays in Scotland, and have experienced just 2 days of rain – one as a teenager in Argyllshire and one in my thirties in Fife (both those holidays had six days of blazing sunshine to offset the one day of rain), two others (Perthshire and Fife) were wall to wall sunshine, while the most recent Scottish holiday in the Borders was a mixture of sunshine and cool grey days with siling rain on the day we left.


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