‘the need to be someone, to have clout, to command respect, to have prestige or position, these are shackles every bit as strong as those of materialism …

… if we can only reach the true poverty and yieldedness of not ‘needing to be’ anything, then … we will be unable to be bought by any pressure.’


(A thought from the Finan readings in my Celtic Daily Prayer book).


32 thoughts on “THE NEED TO BE SOMEONE

  1. I love this one gilly it is so true. I battle more now than i ever did to suckseed in what i do (i know i spelt it wrong)its the first time i have felt free of shackles of one sort and another to do that and i am now too old but i still battle on to compete with those less than harf my age maybe not doing as well as i would like but enjoying the effort.xx


      1. Yes, I agree – the celtic and the Roman spiritualities were very different from the beginning, but at least now we have learned not to oppose them to each other, but to learn from both. After all, as you’ve said before, nobody has the whole truth so we need to be open to each other! :yes:


      2. Yes it is like a great jigsaw and we all have some of the pieces and put together perhaps it will make up the complete picture – the Truth. So we really should all get together and show our pieces and try and make that picture altogether! :yes:

        One day……!!!


  2. an interesting thought, with some fairly obvious flaws. Each one of us is placed under pressure to be somebody we are not and do things we would rather avoidΒ… and these pressures will exists regardless of status or one’s own sense of self

    Each day, I ask God to change me in any way that pleases him. God can look into my heart and know that this is my sincerest wish. these prayers have brought forth many changes and all of them to the good (what else would you expect from God) and renovations and never seem to stop!

    In these prayers I also abandon any need for ‘self’ as I need not protect myself from God (why should I?). Total trust in God is all that is needed!




      1. it is so much clearer WITH the beginning …BUT ARE WE NOT GOD’s whether we know it or not? I know God never left me when I thought I’d lost my faithΒ… hindsight tells me that.

        I never go near social networking sites and I avoid the people who try to treat this blog site as though it is one.


      2. A lot of people don’t know about God’s fatherhood, or don’t want to know it, or don’t believe it, which means that they can’t enter into the relationship with God that can set them free. Which is sad.

        I only mentioned my FB page because my friends there are different from my blog friends and so I say different things to them.


  3. It’s one of the major layers of corruption as well as one of the areas that has some positive connotations to it.

    Someone or some group that can ‘make the earth move’ in what is perceived a useful way, will command natural respect and earn position by virtue of it.

    Sadly, power can corrupt.


  4. So we should all be quiet nobodys making every effort not to draw attention to ourselves.No pride even in the good we have done?

    There would be no colourful actors,no opera divas,and the world would be grey.


    1. A feisty comment – I like it! I don’t read it as meaning ‘characterless’ – I understand it as meaning that, if we are free of the desire to impress others, it liberates us to appreciate and do whatever comes our way.


  5. One wants to be popular and it all seems glamorous bordering on the fantastic, then one is popular and then its so difficult to get the feeling you thought you might have experienced. You have to keep on reminding yourself the way you were when you were greatly desiring popularity, trying to remind yourself of the taste which you felt you would have enjoyed, but this seems so difficult. The same thing with wanting to be rich, or great in life, wanting to be admired by the opposite sex. Now that one has it, trying to get all the “feeling” always proves to be difficult. Life is a vanity, and a vexation of the spirit.


  6. I’m really glad you put this on today. I had met up with my family yesterday (brothers and sister) and they were all trying to out do each other as to how important they were. It made me a little depressed. Your post has cheered me up! πŸ˜‰


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