27 thoughts on “DEFEAT MAY BE TEMPORARY!

  1. A wonderful quote…a good seminar discussion.

    Sometimes, giving up may be a temporary state, enabling reframing and retrenchment – to use the same style of terminology – this will take longer than a temporary defeat to recover from.


      1. Absolutely Gilly…I understand completely the term ‘this to shall pass….’
        Speaking of which…please think of me this week. I go to Kent on Wednesday/Thursday/Friday to do the final clearing of my Mother’s house, and then hopefully final contracts will be exchanged shortly thereafter. When that happens the relief will be huge, and I can then really draw a line under kent.
        I am so grateful that my Mother is in such a good and caring nursing home, and only ten minutes away. What a difference that has made….now it’s just the house, and than I can move forward again.x


      1. yes, I slowly learned… that if you’ve done something good, it doesn’t matter that much if you succeeded… the good will stand with you.


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