People have been coming to me for interview this week. In the middle of the riots a woman candidate phoned up and said ‘I’m on my way – is there anything I need to know about road blocks etc?’

I told her there was no problem where we lived, and she arrived safely.

Later the same day a male candidate phoned me. He had heard that some of the roads might be closed. He thought it might be difficult. Could we postpone?


Last night we were due to have a planning meeting for a major event we are holding in a week’s time. The West Indian woman leader of a fellow congregation phoned. She had heard that the Asians had promised to kill three black men and rape the women every day. She was scared, and wouldn’t come.

I sympathise with her fear, but it is a stupid rumour, without any foundation in fact, probably arising out of the guilt of the black community that the murders up the road this week were done by young black men.

Such attitudes do not show any attempt to heal the community, to confront the issues, or to show faith instead of fear.

And I can’t help thinking, how come it’s OK for us to live here in the middle of it, but not OK for people living in safe middle-class suburbs to come here … ???



19 thoughts on “LIVING IN SAFETY – OR NOT

    1. It’s a huge relief that the ‘silent majority’ became vocal through such people as Tariq Jahan, and an amazing community movement of the well-intentioned.


  1. I so agree with you gilly, but like so much in the papers, most of it is rumours to frighten others. I’d be cross with her as well. You must have well and truly had enough of it all this week. Take care 🙂


    1. Yes, and make people believe stupid things about another ethnic group, which is how racial disturbances start. I feel sorry for her but I am quite cross with her as well – she’s a church leader, for heavens’ sake, she should be setting a positive example!!! :crazy:


  2. These sort of situations always bring out the best and worst in people…….some will step it up, others will back away. Sad but true!

    Im so glad its calming down…….and sad new rumours are going around….xxx


    1. Still relatively calm today but people still jumpy: I was coming home on the bus just now and 5 police cars with sirens were going in the opposite direction. Normally nobody takes any notice as it is normal round here (!) but I noticed how anxious people looked this time.


  3. People give into fear too easily, and that is why evil can triumph. It is good we do still have those who are not afraid, or if they are, they go ahead with what they need to do. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. All the best,


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