Pheeeeewwwwww – Channel 4 TV has already decided that we are yesterday’s news and therefore not worth tailing with their cameras. They asked what was going on in our patch, so we told them about the community garden, tea dances, Good Neighbour week on which we’re about to embark (clearing up litter etc which is a MAJOR problem here), work with other faith communities, kids’ groups …

Oh no, said the producer. We aren’t interested in worthy projects. We want to find helpful ones.

:??: :crazy:



  1. My you have been having a horrendous time I am so sorry…(just caught up reading your posts) Yay I was praying for everybody regarding the riots etc – so sorry you were so close involved in it all.

    I am very glad the cameras and channel 4 left you in peace – I think it very difficult for anybody to maintain dignity on tv once they have been edited and twisted around to fit in with the media’s agenda to entertain and get big audiences – much better out of all that ……

    Will step up prayers for you with all that is going on. Hope you get a good day off walk out into the country tomorrow if possible? xxxxx


    1. Thanks, dt. I’m immensely relieved too, as I know that I can’t trust the media to do a balanced job.

      Glad you had a good time in London, but sorry about the cold etc. Typical!


  2. The present situation has been building up most of my life. There ia niavety in our society. The recent (and to be repeated)events have not surprised me. In a short time they will be forgotten. Already we are blaming THEM when it is US.


      1. There has been an assumption that society is static.I believe we have deliberately ignored evolution trusting that problems will go away of their own accord.The house of Lords is a typical example.for over a hundred years it has cried out for modification, a difficult decision, so we hope the problem will go away, other institutions are similarly in need of modification some are presenting problems beyond our ability. One of the most effective ways of avoiding decisions is to set up enquiries; by the time a judgement is made the public have lost interest.


      2. That says as much about our attention span as it does about the system, I guess.

        I so agree with your previous statement – there is no ‘them’ and ‘us’ – there is only ‘us’.


  3. I remember my mother telling me that when she was doing her final teaching practice before qualifying the children she was working with had prepared paintings for a regional art exhibition. She was working with a teacher who was very organised and never tolerated any mess (I had been in her class some years earlier and well remember how she reproved the headmaster after one of his lovely, messy science lessons with us.) The local paper wanted to do an article, but were they interested in the careful, thoughtful hard work which had gone into preparing the class’s contribution to the exhibition? Not a bit of it! They heaped paintings and paints higgledy-piggledy over one of the tables, picked out three or four photogenic, but somewhat scruffy children to photograph, and described a scene of last minute chaos such as Mrs. D would never have tolerated!

    Well organised and worthy clearly has no news value.


  4. Today’s generation. Today’s education. What kind of teachers taught the young adults 8-10 years ago? They are our future, and our language is shifting and shaping into a new communication we would be unable to understand should we come back after thirty years! Can’t stop ‘progress!’


    1. Just so long as we are not helpful, we are not media-worthy … the answer must be, if you don’t want media attention, then don’t be helpful … hmmm … :lalala:


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