That Muslim father, so dignified yesterday in the face of his grief and sorrow about the death of his son, seems to have been instrumental in turning the tide. We have had a quiet night, and things are calmer today.


Tariq Jahan pleaded in public for all youth to remain calm, and for communities to be united. ‘I lost my son. Blacks, Asians, whites – we all live in the same community. Why do we have to kill one another? Why are we doing this? Step forward if you want to lose your sons. Otherwise, calm down and go home – please.’

Today we are a shocked and very sobered community. He and others have paid the ultimate price for senseless violence. Somebody has been arrested.

Meanwhile the press is on to us personally: the Financial Times yesterday, Channel 4 and local radio today. Channel 4 wants to follow us around with cameras: I cannot face this, and Hub and I have agreed that they will not come into the house. I am already feeling incredibly stressed with the events of the last few days – not scared, but stressed, and the thought of having even less privacy than normal is intolerable.

My heart goes out to Mr Jahan and his family. I hope I would have his dignity in the face of such grief and suffering for the loss of a son’s life in such a pointless way. He and the other family who lost their sons are certainly in the prayers of Christians all around the country.



  1. HUGS! ALL round……..Most commendable conduct from Tariq – Let us ALL take note of THIS MAN’s attitude……HE is a lesson for MANY MOST people in this country….across man-made barriers.. :)xx


    1. Very much so. We need lots more like him – and they are there, but so seldom get a mention. It takes a tragic case like this for such peace-lovers to reach the front pages.


  2. I watched that dignified, noble and incredibly brave man on the news yesterday!
    He took my breath away. How he managed to plead for public decency when his innocent son had just been murdered I ll never know. He has my utmost respect, and I agree that he turned the tide. It s people like him who make a difference in this world. I cannot praise him highly enough!!!

    So sorry about the media gilly, they are like sharks circling blood… must be incredibly stressful. Hold firm and be strong. They will quickly [its to be hoped!]move on.

    Once again, I raise my hat to Mr Tarig Jahan.


      1. The press would be better served staying away and letting things calm down, instead of stiring things up again. Why cant they just let the families grieve in peace….xxx


      2. … because it sells newspapers …. :yes: It looks as if the media are losing interest in this story already, however, which suits me just fine!


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