Oh, let’s have some good news for a change, something positive to consider. When we were with the family on the campsite in the Peak District for our ruby wedding, we were surrounded by caravans with families, and our static was nearest to the swing and slide park.

The thing that struck me most was how contentedly everyone played. There was no screaming, shouting, fighting or arguing the whole time we were there. Big kids and little kids played together. Parents played with children. Children rode round on bikes – but wearing helmets.


If anyone fell off a bike or got into a scrape, another child would offer to go and get their mum, and Mum would arrive promptly. There was no blaming or over-fussing: ‘oh dear’, she would say, ‘but I think you’re all right really’.

I heard one mother arrive at the swings and say to her son ‘what are you doing with your DS out here? I’ve told you you can’t take it outside. It will get damaged, and in any case, you know you have to have two times every day when you play outside and get some exercise and fresh air without it, because it’s good for you. Give it to me.’

Three cheers for a firm but calm mum with sensible priorities!

Gives you hope that there is plenty of healthy family life in Britain still.



      1. Yes, indeed gillyk. I was too fast on the draw! My apologies. I also remember the Somalian women and their children suffering at this very moment. How I wish we could save them all. XXX


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