Hub has just got back from another meeting with the MP, the police, the Bishop and several hundred very angry Pakistani businessmen. If the police don’t get it right tonight, this could turn extremely ugly, black on Asian. Hub was with a good friend, a black church leader from down the road, and was warmly received by the Muslims. He was glad to see that there was also a Sikh delegation – but almost no West Indian leaders.

At first they were unable to get into the meeting: there were several hundred outside who could not enter. Then he discovered that the sergeant on the door was asking for the opinions of those there, as to who should be allowed in. The leader of the Muslim Council for Britain was allowed in, so Hub and Bishop B (the black church leader) approached the sergeant and he asked the Muslims about them. Oh yes, they said, they should be in there. That’s how Hub and Bishop B got in.

Afterwards, some of the people said to the Chief Inspector, ‘your boss should have come’. ‘He would have,’ he said. ‘Except he was on the phone to Downing Street, warning them that this is the single most important issue his government has, and if they don’t get this right, then they need to be aware that the consequences would affect the whole country.’

Cameras everywhere, it’s all over the news, TV and radio, as you know. When Al-Jazeera turned up, the people said ‘let them in! We don’t trust the BBC!’

I suggested to Hub that we put up posters – we have a huge church building with noticeboards on the road. So we created one that reads ‘Whatever your faith, please pray for peace’, and put them up. He took one to the Muslim tailor across the road, who was in tears this morning over the death of the young lads last night – he knows the family. The tailor said he would put it up in his window, so we now have twin posters, the church on one side of the road, and the Muslim tailor’s shop opposite. A small gesture, but worth making.

This could conflagrate into racial riots, and if it does, I fear what would happen next. Community leaders are beavering away, but will it be enough?

Rather than writing lots of new posts, I will update this one every so often.



      1. I know.It’s only because I’ve been in such pain mentally and physically that it has taken me away from the television and into gazing at my husband’s face wondering bow he feels.I just cannot take everything in now.But I’m praying and hope it will calm down.some people have lost too much.How willthey survive?


      2. He’s waiting for a biopsy but I’m pretty sure from this last two years that he will need surgery.And he’s quite old as well.I’m able to walk round the house’s become very messy since Tuesday!It’s been an unpleasant week fir me but deeply tragic for others.


  1. There was rioting in our near by town but it didnt last too long this time. I dont know what they expect to achieve by it except perhaps a few freebies from shops that are broken into seems brainless to me. I think its a good idea to get a huge hose pipe as suggested and wash them of the streets, my hubby suggested a muck spreader,lol. This sort of behaviour helps nobody and achieves nothing.xx


  2. Good, informative post, Gilly.
    I hope to God it doesn’t get racial – the English Defence League would try and jump on the bandwagon for a start.
    At Haven Green, standing off against the police, the rioters were all black (I know – I virtually drove straight into them) whereas the burners and looters near my house were mixed.
    Pray for peace on our streets.


  3. This is a terrible state of affairs. Race riots would be truly devastating not only for the towns where it happens but for the whole of the country. I do so hope that tonight will be calm and peaceful everywhere.


  4. This is a really nasty turn of events……the mindless riots are bad enough, it would be awful if racial riots broke out…… s praying for peace, and fingers


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