I saw this cartoon in yesterday’s Independent newspaper, and chuckled rather painfully. It is brilliant, as usual!


It comes on top of the Senate vote in the States, against taxing the rich.

I wonder what the future of this government is going to be if ‘we’, the people, don’t see the rich being asked for more contribution to our failing economy? The poor, and lower-income workers are squeezed more and more – what happened to your concern for the ‘squeezed middle’, David Cameron?


23 thoughts on “ROBBING THE POOR

  1. I don’t know what happened there, but in the penultimate paragraph the wording changed in transit.

    “What has party!” which I definitely did not type, should read, ‘Not The Tea Party!” three words instead of four, none of which figured in the original typing. Most odd.

    Would you please edit that for me GillyK so it makes sense.


      1. I am still puzzling of the change of vocabulary. I read the whole comment section by section before I sent it to you. I wonder if The Tea Party have some insidious word recognition software that clicks in when it’s not pro that group. Paranoia rules, O.K.! :crazy:

        Odd the wording changed the way it did.


      2. I have noticed changes of wording before, one or two words and some missing vocabulary. I always put it down to mis-typing; now I am not so sure. From now on, I shall watch even more closely what is sent in comparison to what arrives.

        There seems to be a web gurgling, chewing and spewing of the written word.


  2. When I read the outline of the proposals to gain agreement in the US Senate for some kind of fudged budget, my thoughts turned to the poor in society, especially theirs. It has always been so, robbing the poor to feather the nests of the very rich.

    I get the distinct feeling that the argument goes, ‘the poor won’t feel the pain, they feel it already’, the rich however, will feel a nip if their standards have to be reduced by one carton of juice. It would be too, too painful to bear. Oppression rules.

    Edgar J Hoover managed to reign over shanty cities made of paper and trash in Central Park and other places, after the 1930’s stock market crash. He couldn’t see a way out other than creating layers of unoccupied underclass.

    Roosevelt came along and got the economy rolling, money threading into the economy and people back to work; shanty towns of the Hoover era began to disappear. All was not perfect, but it was a lot better than shanty unemployed living. I am no economist, but as things stand, the Americans do not appear to have a plan, other than to spin back into policies proved to be destructive. Not the Tea Party! (Watch that space).

    And Cameron…. a chameleon up to his neck in dubious activities acting as the elected front of the Murdoch empire. It is a despairing thought. He too, will not like his feathers reduced in bulk, nor will his immediate cohort.


    1. Thanks, Bushka! By the way, about gardenias … I’ve just been given one in a pot, and some of the blooms and buds are turning brown before fully opening. Any advice? I am not very clever with plants. I’m watering, but not over-watering, and it’s on a sunny windowledge … šŸ™„


      1. Gardenias…? Best ‘Google’ ‘Gardenias’…and you’ll get loads of info….
        ‘Nip off’ those buds…Others should emerge…. They need protection when the weather gets colder….Love sunshine, but not overly….;)xx


  3. We have copied the United States for years, which is why I believe we are in such a terrible mess. It all began with Maggie Thatcher getting into bed with Ronald Regan….

    Up until that point, we in the UK and Europe had built up a social conscience with an understanding that a large gap between the rich and poor could only lead to social unrest.

    I feel as if we are a spinning top out of control…

    Anyway, excellent cartoon:)x


    1. I think everyone is worried, Janet – we all can understand that there’s a world recession and we have to tighten our belts, but what we don’t understand is the inequality of the way the remedy is applied. I think we will be judged for this …


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