Hello, you lot! Hope you’re all fighting the good fight and winning … at least some of the time.

We’ve had a wonderful celebration! The service on Sunday was fun – I’d asked everyone to turn up wearing something red, and they did – including the treasurer who wore shorts and a white jacket with a red rose in it. Our friend Paul whom we’d asked to do the talk was spot on – humorous, spiritual – and brief … šŸ˜‰ Then afterwards I’d had a photocake made (you can get it done cheaply at Asda!) and served sparkly drinks to everyone.

Got home and we all belted round to finish packing up and leaving for our 48 hours away together. With two daughters both with little ones it was chaos, to say the least. But we managed to make our lunch booking on time, and Hub and I really enjoyed the food and catching up with our mates. We go all the way back to Nigeria together, and our paths have crossed and recrossed since, so it was great to have some quality chat time with them.

Afterwards we and the family set off for a camp site in the Peak District. I’d decided Hub and I needed a little comfort at our time of life ;D and I’d booked a static caravan. The family all decided to camp in the flower meadow. I’d opted for this idea because it’s the sort of holiday where we can all be together but not on top of one another, and it suits every pocket.

It worked out well! The little ones love camping and we had a really nice day in Dovedale where they all went paddling. The caravan proved very useful for me to cook for everyone and for children to be bathed etc at night.

The best bit? Everyone arriving for the champagne (which we’d been given in Italy, and had brought home and saved!) and the little ones with big shiny grins throwing red balloons into the room!


They all left by Tuesday lunchtime, giving Hub and me some p and q to wind down and enjoy the scenery and a couple of walks, before returning to a shedload of work yesterday. Ho hum. I must get back to it … to every silver – or should that be ruby? – lining, there’s a cloud!


24 thoughts on “RUBY CAPERS

    1. Most of the family for various reasons couldn’t get to us until Saturday evening, and Sunday was hectic for me, so it was nice to be able to take 48 hours out afterwards just to relax together. Thanks, Silver!


  1. What a fun time you had in one of my favourite part of the peaks, we go when we can as we love the peaks and drive right over them to get to Dad from here. Great fun with the kids as well and your caravan sounded just the trick for everyone else to use when they needed it. Glad you had a nice time, don’t overdo things now that you are back. Was that a special birthday balloon I saw on your photo stream? šŸ™‚ xx


      1. Wobbles? :)) Oh no!! But at any rate you’ve survived them all, that is the main thing!

        I’m good thanks…. today… at the moment…. šŸ˜‰ y’know how it is!!xxx


      2. Well families do seem to have to wobble don’t they? šŸ™„ I’m glad you all stabilised though eventually. Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down…. or something? :crazy:


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