Well, our visitors have been and gone … we took a day off yesterday (ssh, don’t tell the Bishop) to spend time with them.  Hub just has the one sister and she lives in Switzerland, and it’s been two years since we saw them last.

Monday, when they arrived, was also Eldest Daughter’s birthday so I invited her and partner and Granddaughter to supper as well, and we had a lovely time. Granddaughter helped me decorate the cake I’d made and we did all that fun thing of drawing the curtains and turning off the light and carrying the cake with the candles burning into the dining room and singing Happy Birthday.  It’s some years since ED has seen her Swiss relis so it was nice for them to catch up, and very relaxed.                          
(no, my candles didn’t say this but I do think it’s funny!!)

Yesterday we walked the canal into the city centre, and they were quite happy to potter around there.  We saw some of the sights and finished up with a visit to a little goldsmith museum, where a small family firm of jewellers had worked until the 1980s.  On the day the business closed, they simply shut the front door and left the studio exactly how it was.  This has been preserved as a fascinating vignette of the sort of working conditions that prevailed for many years in this country – for example, the tea was made in the same pantry as the acid was mixed for working the jewellery –

In the evening they kindly took us out for a curry and then bro-in-law announced he would like a drink elsewhere, so we went on a pub crawl   until we found a place that suited us.  You know you’re getting on a bit when you avoid the pubs with loud music and you look instead, as sis-in-law said, for somewhere more ‘sedate’ …

Now back to the grind:  have just done a funding application and am moving on to writing up some Minutes … but decided to take a breather and catch up with your mischief!  




  1. That sounds like a very satisfying day with your ‘Suisse’ visitors….Now for that return visit….:yes: Tell your Bishop to let you go…or else….:));)xxx


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