I wonder if anyone else caught the programme last night about 3 girls going to Canada for 2 weeks to learn how to be lumberjacks?


It is of course very much a man’s world, and tough men at that. There was a lot of scepticism about the girls before they arrived – and after, too.

One was a petite, blue-eyed pretty blonde who is in the army. She was fit as a flea and used to working in a man’s world. Another was working in the business world and again, used to working with men. The third was doing a PhD at university on feminist studies, and worked almost exclusively with women.

It was fascinating to see the stereotypes of each group of people come tumbling down as they worked together. The girls won the respect of the men for their determination and application to the task – even though they were rubbish at throwing the wire over the top of the loaded logs…

The girls realised, when one of the men couldn’t speak because he had lost a mate in a dreadful logging accident, that rednecks do have feelings despite all the bravado and swagger.

They also learned to respect the dangers of the job, and the skills involved in ensuring safety at every stage. Interestingly, it was the feminist who did best with the chain-saw and was allowed to fell a massive pine, along with the blonde soldier. The third girl couldn’t hack it in the end.

The feminist came home saying that her studies had made her naive, and she now realised that the issues of feminism are not nearly as simple as she had believed.

For that, I give thanks!



  1. I think studies of most kinds do little to prepare anyone for real life.

    Sounds an interesting programme. Sorry to have missed it. I got stuck watching the apprentice, again full of lots of people with oversized egos. Like the chap who won though!


  2. How interesting.

    In fact I had to do a chain-saw course and fell a few trees in order to use one for my sculpture but I didn’t like it much particularly the “plunge and bore” thing .. very scary. Quite happy to leave it to the men and keep WELL out the way.

    Very useful to be able to use a chain saw though when doing big sculptures in wood :yes: Saves a lot of time and elbow grease…..


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