Today finally arrived, although I have spent a goodly part of the last few years doubting its existence.

Hub and I left home before 9am and arrived at the university just over an hour later. That was good going! I joined lots of queues all snaking round barriers for all sorts of things – gown, hood, mortar board … waiting for the loo … finding my place in the auditorium – and then getting out again (with hundreds of graduates why was there only one exit and entrance??)

I was almost the last person to receive my degree. I had to bow to the Chancellor and then I got a handshake from somebody-or-other at the end of the platform. My tutor was amongst the platform party, though I didn’t spot her until the end. Then another huge queue for photos, while we all got fleeced and fleeced again – to hire the gown and hood, for the photos, etc etc.

Normally on these occasions you go back to your faculty and have a bit of a knees-up there, but my tutor had had to disappear by the time I emerged, so Hub and I pottered off to the local carvery and had such a big lunch we didn’t want to move :))

I somehow needed to go to the ceremony today – just to get it into my head that this degree is real.



  1. Oh well done and am so glad you had your day to commemorate it and mark it etc… I agree…. it is important to do these things to kind of fix it in your head…. Well done indeed!! missed out that you had your Ruby Wedding…. am so sorry… not paying attention….

    With your son’s achievement too sounds a very successful year so far!and we’re only just over half way through!!! Whatever next!!!xxx


  2. Congratulations Gillyk. I am happy for you that you got the degree. Personally, I never cared much for the ceremony, and managed to avoid them most of the times. But some like it. May your studies continue, and may they bring you happiness and fulfillment,


  3. How thrilling for you..and with the Ruby Wedding too.not many of us are getting advanced degrees at this stage of life.Maybe you will be a role model.
    GillyK got her M.Phil today
    Hip hip hip hurray!
    I’m so happy for you and to do it with all your other


      1. :yes: It went on being complicated – I got there and they said ‘have you ordered your gown?’ ‘No’ I said ‘I didn’t know I had to’ … the university had given me no instructions at all!!! Never mind, got there in the end.


      2. They always have piles of gowns and every type of hood for the students and I assumed I would just pick one up … however you could hire them on the spot and I wasn’t the only one.


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