A day off that dawns bright and sunny is always a good start. We decided to go back to a garden centre we’ve discovered, in rural Worcs., top ourselves up with tea and coffee then try out a walk along the local canal.

It was gorgeous – although the weather was a bit muggy there was also a light breeze blowing. Some canal walks can be dull, but this one was lovely, curving around in bends, going under mellow brick bridges, with the odd lock gate to make it even more picturesque.


Along the path I came across these ladies: talk about ducks in a row –


And then Hub said ‘sh – do you see it?’ I managed to capture him with my zoom on its zoomiest, and rather like the impressionistic image of the trees and the water. He flapped off a moment later:


Eventually we headed away from the canal and along a very narrow track through the middle of a wheat field. The crops seem to be doing OK at present – the last rains have helped, and the wheat was just beginning to turn golden.

The poppies have gone mad this year – have you noticed? Recently I discovered a whole field of them: they were so striking that other people were drawing off a busy dual carriageway just so that they could stop and look.


We found a small town-centre on our way home, with a real community feel to it. Hub needed a bank and OF COURSE a charity shop or two … although he did only come away with one book. Looks boring 😉 … think it’s safe from being snaffled!

Very relaxing, feel much better. Back to the grind tomorrow :yes:



  1. What a lovely day and wonderful wander… lovely pictures – thank you…. Glad you had a good day off and felt refreshed and rejuvenated…. nowt like a good walk in beautiful outsidey places to restore one’s soul…. 🙂


  2. Agree about the amount of poppies there are – you were lucky to capture that heron, must have sneaked up quietly behind it – and yes like your other half, mine too needed the bank and OF COURSE couldn’t resist going into a charity shop yesterday ……………


  3. Now that sounds like a most relaxing ‘day off’…..Might need another to ‘recover’? 😉 Love that zoomed picture..splendid images overall…..:)xx


    1. thanks, Janet! Yes – I can be feeling tired and grouchy at the beginning of a day off but I know if I can just get a good walk in, then the stress starts to slip away.


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