When I was trundling my way to the West Country last week, we stopped at a station and the usual voice came over the intercom telling us the usual things … :lalala:


… except it didn’t. This voice said ‘we are now arriving at … please make sure you take all your belongings, bags and family members with you’ …

Wot?? You mean we can’t leave our screaming brats on the train and jump off at the next station and run away??? :>>

Next time we reached a station we pricked up our ears expectantly.

‘We are now arriving at the bijou little station we know as Bristol Parkway …

… the gateway to the metropolis, Bristol Temple Meads …

.. the educationally exciting station we know as Exeter …

… the tantalising station known as Taunton …

… terrific Teignmouth …

(and my favourite) … the naughty little station we call Newton Abbot … ‘

Certainly livened up a somewhat tedious journey :yes: 😉



  1. GillyK

    Ah, you where in my area of the world then!

    When I lived in Cornwall, (and I’m not being racist here more the method of pronoucation!!) in the distant past i’m on the last train to the Southwest out of London we had a totally West Indian train-crew so when it came to pronoucation of Cornish station names everone in the coach whom lived there revealled themselves by their amusment and laughter!!



    1. I did chat to the guy next to me on the journey back – he kept falling asleep, and when I commented he seemed tired, it turned out that he had covered Glasgow, Birmingham and Bristol in 2 days, had had conferences, had had about 2 hours’ sleep, and had discovered when he got to Brum that he had left his car keys in Bristol…. so he had had to go all the way back to get them!


  2. :)) what fun! I have never heard of such a thing before – they are usually very poe faced etc aren’t they?

    I do recall the loudspeaker system being on at a station and the chap trying to make the announcement but being absolutely helpless with hysterical laughter and so completely failing – and that was wonderful – had me laughing too… but that was the only time.

    I do like the naughty little station we call Newton Abbot! :))


    1. I do love the train, especially with a senior rail card plus an advance-ticket price … but it did seem to take a long time so it was nice to be entertained!


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