My mind and my prayers have been with my son all afternoon, as he was taking his viva for his doctorate. He’d been pretty anxious about it – not at all typical of him – which made me feel very concerned.

At 6pm I got a text: ‘Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.’ For those of you unenlightened in student message-speak, this means ‘it’s gone really well and I’ve passed!’

YEEEE – HAH!!! horse_clipart[1]

Half an hour later I was on the bus to the cathedral, where I was meeting my students who have completed the diocesan course I’ve been teaching over the past 10 months. There was a big celebration service where the certificates were given out. Two students had also been invited to give people Communion with me, which is a huge honour. For me this experience is always the edge of heaven – and the other two had never given people the cup of wine before, so it was new for them. At first they were nervous, wondering if they would remember how to do everything in the right order. But they were fine.

As we went into the vestry at the end of the distribution of Communion, with our chalices and the paten (plate for the consecrated bread) one of my students just said, very quietly, ‘Wow’.

That says it all.


27 thoughts on “2 CAUSES FOR CELEBRATION!

      1. My new sort of son in law (eldest daughter’s partner), when I told him I’d forgotten what I was going to do and could he please tell me what was in my head, answered laconically that he couldn’t find anything there … he obviously feels at home! (he is lovely, actually, and very good for daughter) :))


    1. Well quite … if he had said ‘wooo-hoo’ then I would have realised what he meant … πŸ˜‰ but ‘wooo’ might simply have meant ‘I’m relieved it’s over’! I wasn’t sure if he would be told immediately, or if he would have to wait for a written response (it was done differently with my MPhil) … anyway, we got there in the end – and so did he!!


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