Hi folks,

have you also had this from the Blog UK support team?

‘We have decided to revise our policy of blocking IPs as a spam prevention

As well as frequently resulting in valid users of our platform being
inadvertently blocked, we have also observed that it does not result in a
significant downturn in the amount of spam. This is because it is a very
simple matter for the spammer to simply access our domain from a different IP.

For these reasons, we will no longer block IPs unless they are being used for
very heavy spamming.

While we work on an alternative solution to the issue, we recommend that you
activate comment moderation so that the spam comments do not arrive on your

If spam comments are made by a registered user, please continue to bring them
to our attention by flagging their profile and/or mailing us at this address
with the username.

Kind regards Customer Support’



  1. Nope haven’t received this notification, but then, I haven’t recently reported anything untoward. I sincerely hope it doesn’t become an excuse to open the ‘sewage gateways’ too wide as happened before.

    The email sounds innocuous enough. I already have a level of comment moderation, which is advisable.


    1. I received the email in answer to my reporting to the blog team the latest spammers on my blog. Moderation is the way to go as at least we can delete the spam before it reaches the comments.


      1. Indeed, GillyK,I have a level of moderation that I use and I sincerely hope it will remain satisfactory for a long time to come.

        It can be seen from the advice you received that BCUK has been inundated with requests to deal with spammers; they appear and drop like confetti, and in the same volume usually.


  2. I know that BCUK are doing everything possible to stop this….unless we all start making NEW groups as opposed to ‘exetentions’ we are going to be subject. I have STOPPED visitors on my groups, but still have to delete a few spammers each day.

    I would not matter even if we left and went elsewhere, it would still happen…something we unfortunately have to put up with.

    P xx


      1. Rampage has talked to me about this and there is very little they can do unless members.

        It is like if say you were a spammer you could go to the College and send a post…then you could go to the Library, then the Internet Cafe…you just can’t keep up with it all.

        Basically it would mean BANNING almost every Public Place.

        P xx


  3. Well, blocking IP addresses quite often shuts out innocent people who happen to have the same IP address as a spammer. Closing the accounts of reported spammers, and making it impossible to open an account automatically seem likely to be more effective, and I think they do that.


  4. Not had this officially…but suspect it is/will be posted in News….It does make sense, though. Let’s continue to ‘flag’ registered users…AND I usually simply ‘delete’ such comments….;)xx


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