Hub discovered a nice-looking walk in one of our books of walks, near the River Severn, so off we went in the hot sticky sunshine this morning.

Things started to go wrong at the lovely garden centre, when I got him a cup of coffee and the waitress put hot milk in it … oh dear. I drunk up my orange and fished the froth off his coffee and put it in my empty glass. Hub is the most tolerant of men but hot milk in his coffee he does not like!


Then I started sneezing, and realised that I am still allergic to the pollen of something or other – I have never worked out who is the guilty party, but it is always this time of the summer. And I hadn’t thought of my anti-histamine …

… the lady said go 3 miles this way for a chemist, or 2 miles the other way. So we went the other way. Now Hub is very good at finding his way around, and can navigate by the position of the sun, both when he’s driving and when we’re walking. He marches briskly ahead and I bumble along behind with my camera, distracted by the shape of trees, or the lichen on a branch, or a wild flower I don’t recognise …

Anyway, somehow we missed the obvious road, and found ourselves in the middle of fields going in the wrong direction.


Found it eventually, and duly stoked with anti-histamine, we drove into a very pretty village, thinking we would have a bite to eat at the tea shop. It’s closed on Mondays.
:**: U-(

So we went into the village store and Post Office (so they do still exist), and the lovely lady in there made sandwiches for us. When that happens you just know you are no longer in the big smoke.

We ate them sitting on the bank of the Severn, which was pretty full and moving fast. A duck came to see us and we quacked at each other, and two swans sailed down the river. It was a very pleasant walk through woodland,


(wild garlic)

and the sky clouded over so although it was still sticky it wasn’t so hot. There’s a word in the Hausa language we still use for that sort of weather: ‘gumi’ (say goo-mee) – it is much more expressive!

A few drops of rain started just as we reached the car, so we congratulated ourselves on getting our walk in ahead of the storm that’s brewing, and came home for the tea and cake we didn’t get at the tea shop.



  1. Oh Gillyk, I became allergic for the first time ever on April 2nd. Came out with a host of hives, from top to bottom, including scalp! Burning and itching. Finally after five days I went to the ER where they were most kind, and gave me medicine, and an allergist to visit. This lovely lady, the allergist, told me – after spending quite a long time questioning me, that this was a result from a bacterial infection I had caught somewhere along the way. These huge red hives lasted until just two weeks ago.
    However, my skin still burns after a hot shower every morning and turns bright red!
    I still take the antihistamines, but they never were much help! The hives were also inside me, in my esophagus, back of throat, and in the lungs. Painful and miserable.
    That is why I am not around much these days. My immune system is rock bottom, and has been for several years!
    I like the Nigerian word ‘goo-mee’ and I have a couple of nice Nigerian boys on my Facebook. I shall have to say that to them. If you have a page on Facebook, I could send them to you too. They love God, and praise him each time they visit.
    Lovely people all over the world, gillyk.
    So glad you are better, and so am I glad I am better too!! JW XX


  2. Gillyk
    I have spent the morning walking in the fields around Shrewsbury the gift of the day being three willow tits,I understand they are one the red list. Before setting off I saw my first bullfinches in the garden. A good day.


  3. Gillyk
    I have spent the morning walking in the fields around Shrewsbury the gift of the day being three willow tits,I understand they are one the red list. Before setting off I saw my first bullfinches in the garden. A good day.


  4. Sounds like one of those adventures….. I am so glad the PO lady made you sandwiches and you had a nice conversation with a duck πŸ™‚ Duck’s are wonderful.

    I always misread Tearoom as Tear oom and have to adjust. In your case I think you went to a Tear oom instead of a tea-room πŸ˜‰

    As long as you done empoo anything… πŸ˜‰


    1. I suspect the shop does usually offer sarnies but they had run out. She just opened the connecting door and asked someone inside if they had brown bread, ham and tomatoes?? I wonder whether in fact it was the tea shop lady she was talking to, as it is the same building.


    1. No, I got the non-drowsy sort … but it wasn’t all that effective. At least it kept the edge off my runny nose and constant sneezing!

      Now I didn’t think about the stamps … πŸ™„


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