Today we had the second of our church ‘vision’ days – we call them VIP days (Vision in Practice) on the grounds that there’s no point God giving us a vision if we don’t do anything with it! :no:


We had two short times of worship with other times of reflection included, and four other sessions altogether. Then we’d invited everyone to our garden to sit in the sun and have a picnic.

I’d landed myself with 2 sessions, one of the worships, all the prep for the kids, and getting everything ready for people to come back to the garden – including getting extra food in for those who had forgotten their picnics! How come I’m the part-time one round here??? :crazy:

Anyway, it’s all gone very well, and was very interactive so that it was a mutual time of thinking and praying and planning, and the SUN SHONE DOWN
for the picnic – now there’s a turn-up for the books. Feeling thankful and tired …:yawn:

I’m off for a cuppa T. :wave:


19 thoughts on “BIZZY DAY – FEET UP TIME!

    1. Thank you! We were looking at Nehemiah, how sad he was when he heard the news that his beautiful Jerusalem was ruined … and we thought about how sad we are at the prospect of losing our church building (we will have to move into the hall permanently, we can no longer afford the church): and I gave everyone a paper teardrop, to write down what they will miss. Then on the other side they could write what else they were sad about. Then I put them in a glass bowl, and talked about how our griefs are important to God … and put them at the foot of the cross, and we had a pray and a sing …

      Then hub talked about how Nehemiah built the wall by everyone working together, and he built a wall of paper bricks with each person’s name on a brick …

      then it was my turn again and we looked at how Nehemiah put the gates in last, and how security is important to us, and I asked what makes us feel secure, and how we can feel more secure if we have to move into the hall permanently …

      then community minister talked about going outside the gates, and what our community feels insecure about, and what we can do … we are having a Good Neighbour week in August – litter-picking and door-to-door chats!

      I bet you really wanted to know all that … hey you in the corner, wake up!! 😉


      1. Sounds a really good project and a very good exercise in helping everybody to express their take on the situation. I bet you must feel very sad to move into the hall and lose your church even if it is too big and costly to run. 😦

        The first church I went to was just a community hall with a screen at one end and the screen pulled back to reveal the altar and everything…. Mass was always joyful though with us singing at the tops of our voices. Anglican Catholic, my first church…. and small congregation but very joyous.

        It is a huge upheavaling for you all – I am so sorry….

        Anyhow… you of all people know God is with you wherever you are and all will be well.

        Interesting about security and so on. I am not familiar with Nehemiah…. so perhaps I should go and read it!

        I feel all sad about you going into the hall…. But you will feel all solidarity with the early Christians and todays persecuted Christians perhaps, having to use buildings where they can… be an adventure…. :yes:


      2. Thank you, dt! Hub and I are used to moving around and meeting in all sorts of church buildings (or not – we used to meet under a tree at one point in Nigeria) but for those who have been here longest it will be hardest. The good thing is that there is a possibility of the Eritrean Orthodox taking over the church building, which would be the best possible outcome. But now our energies are focused on trying to get our own congregation to accept the inevitable …

        I always find ole Nehemiah inspiring – he prays about everything, he overcomes his fears, he gets everyone working together, he sees off his enemies and gets the people in Israel to clean up their act. Definitely a new broom … and one of the reasons I enjoy it is that he writes the book as a sort of journal, in the first person.


      3. I thought you and hub would be used to upheavaling about… but for the congregation it would be a huge wrench….

        I MUST read Nehemiah…. thank you for pointing me in the direction of him! Sounds a good read….


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