In line with our ‘policy’ of encouraging people in the church to discern their gifts and to begin using them, I asked one of our churchwardens, with whom I work closely, if she would consider going forward to the selection board to see if she was the right person to train as a Reader (lay preacher).

Jane took some time out to pray, then with fear and trembling said to me that she would give it a go. I waded through the necessary paperwork, references and church council decisions, and she was called to selection panel a fortnight ago.

Yesterday she phoned. She’s been accepted! We are soooooooooooo chuffed.

Jane is a West Indian single mum with no higher education, and was at selection with trained teachers etc which she found rather intimidating. Well, it’s normal for people from more middle-class parishes to make it through the system. But it’s the first time someone from our rather more deprived community has done so. A tribute to her maturity, wisdom, intelligence, practical outlook and glowing faith.



10 thoughts on “RESULT!!

    1. Thanks, Lilian! I may say rude things sometimes about our church but I do appreciate the fact that it recognises the gifts of people like her and encourages their use.


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