Yesterday the police arrived, to take away their obbo camera that has been in our boxroom for the past month or so.

They are apparently pleased with the recordings it’s sent back to them: as far as we could make out, it has been trained on a house in the street opposite. No idea what for, and they are of course telling us nothing: but suspect it’s to do with the drugdealing that is rife in this area.

It’s been odd having it here. It’s made me feel uneasy but I’m not sure why – as if an alien has landed in our house and has its own life which is nothing to do with us – like having ET in your wardrobe!


The police could not have been more courteous. With Hub now a voluntary police chaplain, it’s nice to know them a bit better and to appreciate the impossible job which they do with humour and professionalism.



    1. You can just imagine them yawning and trying to keep themselves awake with coffee while they watch! It must be difficult because they would have to be sure that they weren’t missing anything important. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new home.


  1. Not quite relevant to your blog, but I have two cousins in the police – one with a serious crimes squad in an English force. Recently he was at a family gathering where a number of photographs were taken and he warned us all to disguise him before posting anything on our blogs or facebook, while another cousin in the drugs squad in another country does his own facebook, but under an assumed name.

    On the other hand, our local beat officers are very high profile both in real life and in the e-world


      1. One camera is sited only to see who’s on the doorstep, and doesn’t record … it does however enable us to make an assessment of whoever’s at the door. The ‘unseen watcher’ only saw the street … nothing in between! I’ve often thought the council would do well to put a camera on the bus stop just outside our house – all sorts of things go on there.


  2. Face to face with the most dreadful acts in society. Should that be face to camera.

    I’ve found the police very helpful on the rare occasions when we have needed their help.



    1. Yes … somehow, a black camera trained out of the window covered in a black cloth somehow seems more sinister than dear ET! 😉

      Just think of all the sketching you would have got done, Janet, when on obbo …


  3. I love that image too gilly :yes: talking of drugs I was amazed when I was at a hospital for some reason or another I cant remember quite why and it asked if I took recreational drugs which it seems is the norm now how sad is that its so common 😦


    1. My daughter’s actually seen deals going down on the corner, Lilian … it enslaves people and wrecks lives, and I hope the police get them, whoever they are.


  4. I love that pic of ET and like to think he stayed with you for a while lurking about in an aquamarine wardrobe! He did very well to keep an eye on the drugdealers and I’m glad the police helping him were polite.

    Can imagine it was a strange old business.

    Had a friend from school who had that job…. stalking about and spying on drugdealers etc.


      1. The funny thing was…. she and I went on holiday to France together and the customs people pulled us over to search the car!!! :)) :)) She then told them her job and all that and they waved her away! :)) So she obviously was good undercover as didn’t have that obvious policey thing about her!

        But I do remember a lot of her job was camping out in a car or van and just WAITING for people to come and go :yes:


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