… an African child every 45 seconds. This is not a spam message, guys: it’s a subject close to my heart! Children who sleep under mosquito nets are 70% LESS LIKELY to get malaria. Nets are cheap and easy, and save lives. In 2008 UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon set a target of universal access to chemically treated nets by 2010 …and it wasn’t reached.

Christian Aid is therefore appealing for people to send gifts of £3,the cost of a net, which will go towards health projects that include providing nets.

This is close to my heart because we all slept under nets ourselves for 10 years in Nigeria, and I have nursed my family through the odd bout of malaria. We were lucky – we had nets and regular medication, but still the majority of Africans don’t.

I don’t know if you would like to give something, nor if you wish to do so through Christian Aid: but if you would like to, you can do it on your mobile phone: text NET to 60155. You’ll be charged £3 plus standard network rate for one message. If you don’t want to hear from CA again, text OPTOUT to 70099. Or you can phone 020 7523 2046, or do it on line at

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3 thoughts on “MALARIA KILLS …

  1. I do give money to C-aid throughout the year for specific fund-raising activities.

    This is a worthy cause. Do you know what is happening to the international aid disbursements, (which we are giving to through Government) some of which, I believe, should be going in the direction of fighting malaria? The Gates fund has been involved with it, in addition to their vaccinations programmes.


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