Today is Trinity Sunday and all around the country there have been ministers wondering whether they can avoid preaching on the Trinity (which is the Christian belief that God is one but reveals himself to us as Father, Son and Holy Spirit). This is because nobody can understand it and it’s hard to know what to say! Lots of people settle for ‘water, ice and steam’ – the same element in three different forms.

Anyway, lucky ole me, my ministerial colleagues fixed me with a stern eye and said that as I had looked at this topic for my research thesis, I could jolly well preach today … gulp.

So I couldn’t resist waving the 60,000 word document at the congregation and announcing ‘this is my sermon for today’ :))

I didn’t inflict it on them, poor things. I settled for Andrei Rublev’s wonderful icon instead.


Afterwards Hub and I went to a carvery to celebrate Fathers’ Day. The food was delicious and the service was speedy, efficient and smiling … definitely a 5* experience!

Now Hub is turning off the water. This runs through a long green hose from our kitchen, out through the back yard, down the slope to the church, and in through a hole in the wall of the church, where it empties into the baptistry. We don’t just have a font to baptise babies, you know. Oooohh no. We also have a full immersion baptistry for adults who want to be baptised by … well, full immersion … and one of the Asian churches is baptising candidates today.

Yes, we run hot water into it as well as cold, and it’s been running for about 6 hours, which fills it sufficiently. No baths for us tonight then ;):-/

So, smelly but happy :wave:



    1. thanks anyway for your good wishes, Shimon … yes, I do realise you don’t have Trinity day!!

      We can’t really celebrate Fathers’ Day in our church. Most mothers are single.


      1. could be that I don’t understand something here, but it seems really terrible that most mothers are single… very hard to raise children too.


      2. Yes indeed, a very hard life and I take my hat off to the single mums raising children on their own and working all the hours God sends to provide and care for their children.

        It is much more prevalent in some areas of UK than others. Where we live, in the inner city, is a deprived area with a lot of social problems, drug abuse, domestic violence etc. Marriage is not the norm round here, but a series of partners, so that the children in a family often have different Dads, who are no longer around.


      1. I have … but I still can’t ‘see’ it … which is not to say that it’s not there … it’s just that I don’t see it … a bit like the Trinity, one could say!!! 😉


    1. It’s very rare for an Anglican church to have a full immersion baptistry, Marika, because we do babies rather than adults … although more and more adults are wanting baptism these days. So normally we just have fonts, and Baptist churches have some form of pool for adult baptism, because they don’t do babies!

      Which means we get the fun of all sorts of other churches wanting to use our baptistry. And our water … 😉


  1. The icon is beautiful. You do lead such an interesting and varied life Gilly. It seems from a distance to be full of surprises, some you mentioned in a previous post!

    Quite a picture of water flowing from your house down into the baptistry. what if Hubs had forgotten to turn it off?

    Liz xx.


  2. Most interesting post….The Conundrum to beat all conundrums……Concept of the Trinity….:roll: :>>
    Hope Hubs is having a great ‘Fathers Day’….;)xx


      1. It was superb….home now; very conscious of not having had the two ‘children’ with me on Father’s Day for ‘years’…..Now with the grandchildren….:lalala: :)x


      2. All settled now….grandchildren in bed…School on the morrow….except for German grandson who is still here with us until Wednesday…also in bed now..Might be signing off soon…myself…;)xx


      1. What a good idea – I suspect you spoil your congregation! In the best possible way 😉 🙂 They are very lucky to have you and your Hub to shepherd them about and round them up….


      2. You may be right … hadn’t thought of it like that! We’re a small congo so we’re more like a big family really, and we’re a very mixed bag, but there’s a lot of love and concern that goes around generally, which is one of the nice things about ‘us’. There are some oldies, whose sight isn’t too good, so I knew they wouldn’t be able to see much of the big A2-size icon copy I put at the front, so it seemed a good idea for them to have their own. And of course, they can take them home and use them for reflection 😉 (whatever works … :yes:)


      3. Well, we have our moments and our squabbles, of course … when I was standing there waiting to start the service yesterday one of our larger ladies came in late. She always sits in the front row and she wanted to sit at the end. But her mate, an elderly lady with walking difficulties, was already there. Large Lady kept trying to make her move … Elderly Lady said querulously ‘I don’t want to move! I like sitting at the end!’

        :**: In the end I said ‘while we’re waiting for the traffic to settle down, I publish the banns of marriage ….’ :)) When I looked up they’d sort of shunted each other around, like railway carriages 😉


    1. I’m glad you like it Janet. Icons are not part of the spirituality in this particular church, so I had to explain that an icon is not a piece of art as such, but more, a ‘prayer in paint’.


  3. So do you use the kitchen bowl for babies?


    Soooooo…what’s the address? I would love to see you and hubs flitting over the lawn into the baptisimal well in your undies, couple of kettles in hand to top up the water to make it a little more ‘relaxing’

    You know I am NOT mocking….

    P xx


    1. We could always sneak in there with the bubble bath when everyone’s gone … 😉 But it’s flipping cold in our barn of a church, even in the height of summer – and it’s certainly not the ‘height’ at present!!


      1. Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble,
        The Trinity is three rings.

        Today is ‘Unity’ that’s why ‘Trinity’
        A day for worship and faith.

        We sing from Psalms to Praise the Lord
        and all his noble deeds.

        For on this day the eternal Triangle
        shines in our hearts.


        But that also means cleanse one’s body, bubble bath and all.

        P xx


      2. Did you write that, Pauline? You will of course know about the ‘celtic knot’ which is said to represent the Trinity, the intertwining endless rings. There are lots of ways of thinking about the Trinity, and we can only ever have a glimpse in this life.


      3. Yes, was just something that came into my head.

        You know I am not Christian but follow the Pagan Ways, but that does not mean that I take no interest in other people’s religions.

        I believe it is also said that the shamrock is a symbolo of the Trinity?

        P xx


      4. It’s said that St Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. We believe God is far beyond our number systems and that is why it is so hard to explain! – but he gives us clues.


      5. I will not enter into debate on this as not qualified.

        I do keep eye to religion and respect each but obvious is not my own.

        Faith is something that binds people together…even me to you. It is of no relevance that we decide to worship different things, but the WHOLE is still the same.

        P xx


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