Yesterday we saw that something – one of the neighbourhood cats? – had killed a pigeon in the middle of what is laughably termed our ‘lawn’. There were feathers scattered everywhere and the carcase was unbeautifully displayed in the middle.

Later on in the evening, I saw a gull pecking away at it. I’ve never seen a gull here before but he obviously knew a good thing when he saw it. When I was up at dawn today, he was still busy on his meal.

He’s probably gone off for a lie-down to recover from his feast … he has dragged the carcase to the path under the hedge, and now the cats are investigating it.


(not my photo but the same colour as a neighbour’s cat: the other cat is grey).

Nature may be red in tooth and claw, but she is also remarkably tidy. I remember when we used to kill a scorpion or something in Nigeria. By the morning there would be no sign of it: the ants would have taken it all away.

They can teach us a thing or two about recycling … although I wouldn’t recommend their tactics 😉



  1. Delighted you wouldn’t support the tactics of animal recycling. Man’s brutality to man is not hundred miles away from it though.

    It is a shock to see piles of feathers and carcass. My sensations were equally as grotesquely awed when we had a similar incident with the collared dove I wrote about.


    1. I suppose they are just doing what comes naturally, Murphy. I’m always interested in the fact that the people who make wildlife documentaries never intervene in what is happening in nature. I don’t think I could do that … I would want to rescue them from each other!! :no:


  2. It IS amazing… When you think of all the creatures around that must die somehow somewhere… yet we hardly ever see the bodies. When I lived in Wales, a bird just dropped dead out of the sky – I was astonished because I’d never ever thought about creatures dying and how and where and when and what happened next (little solemn funeral processions of creatures etc?)

    Glad things are getting tidied up.

    Anymore women in dressing gowns and flip-flops plodding up the road? Sounds exciting round your way! And the wretched people toileting in the garden and DO they put the seat down? 😉


    1. I did wonder whether to add the anecdote Hub came home with yesterday … about the guy relieving himself against our gate post and then plodding up to the bus stop while still rearranging his clothes …


      1. Well, a drive runs up between our house and the church, with a massive holly hedge between us and it. And so it is the perfect place for anyone wanting a quick wee. But because we have so many probs with security, we now have to keep the drive gates shut all the time … so they just wee against that instead!!


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