I was on the phone yesterday and staring out of the window, when I saw a young woman clad (only) in a pink bath robe and flip flops come out of her house, walk down to the corner of the road, and gesture imperiously to someone at the bus stop.

A young man strolled down to the corner from the stop with all his body language saying ‘this is SO embarrassing’ and followed her back home, a few paces behind.




    1. I haven’t seen anyone before walk down the street who had obviously just got out of the shower and had just wrapped herself in her bath robe. I suppose what I felt was her vulnerability.


      1. I often find it surprising as to how very deeply integrated are certain habits of thinking and behaviour, and don’t change much with the generations. But yes, there’s no doubt the next generation always changes things somewhat!


  1. a lot of people wear pyjamas now during the day, I can understand its comfy but its sloppy too!
    I thought curlers were bad too, but they are not so prevalent anymore!


  2. :)) Gosh…. Now I’ve driven Daughter to her community service early on a Monday morning in my pyjamas but I did put a long coat on over the top šŸ˜³ and was only the 100 yard walk to the car ….. šŸ˜³


    1. If you’re out at some unearthly hour in the dawning and you put top clothes on I can’t see any objection … I have a daughter who used to get out of bed, put her clothes over her pj’s, go to early Communion then go back to bed … makes sense!


  3. A while back the middle age beautiful lady from across the road forgot to put on her robe before before coming out to collect her early morning newspaper. There she was, a sight to behold.


    1. I quite often see people out in their nightwear … I was on the bus today and a young woman was in the shop in her pyjamas … it used to be curlers, in my day!


  4. Well well……Did you sit at the window and wait for a while to see what happened?

    Doubt whether it was something untoward, more like “there is a spider in my sink!”

    P xx


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