Usually if I’m on the bus most of us are just sitting there, with our minds full of our own stuff, looking vaguely out of the window or listening to music or trying to negotiate the pushchairs.


Today we stopped at a bus stop and an inspector got on and started insisting on seeing people’s tickets and bus passes. I noticed a young man in front of me get up quietly and try to slide out of the door. The inspector blocked him but he got past and I was just thinking ‘another one that got away’ when the inspector shouted ‘that one!’ and lo and behold, a police officer appeared and took him in a very firm hold.

The young guy then squatted down on the pavement under the minatory gaze of the police, and started rooting through his backpack … but his body language told me that it was not at all likely he would find his bus pass in there, especially if he had just shown it to the driver … which of course he hadn’t.

It was a slick operation.

Next up, it was an unfamiliar bus route and I got off at the wrong stop :**:
I am useless at finding my way around, I always get lost! However, it’s good for me, because I then try not to make the same mistake twice … (and sometimes succeed).

As I was working out where I was, two young Asian girls had a verbal exchange with a West Indian older guy, which I didn’t hear. However, his comments had clearly wound them up because as they walked away one of them was turning the air blue with imprecations. 8|

A group of young guys were listening with great amusement. ‘Think she was annoyed’, said one laconically, as I passed.

So an entertaining trip, even though it took me longer than usual :crazy:


14 thoughts on “EXCITEMENT ON THE BUS

  1. I rarely use buses where I live, the infrastructure is poor and anywhere I would want to go would mean spending about four hours on a bus without a WC facility. Eight hours on buses, (minimum Seven if the times fit in) in one day means no time do anything when you arrive.

    If I am away, I use buses as I can use them in a more active way, say get to where I want to go in an hour at most, usually less. Even inter-city becomes a pleasure when I’m away because it’s quicker than what I would have to endure from home.

    My best and most scary people-watching and interacting during bus or train travel has been, without fail, in London. My most interesting observations of cultural travel behaviour has been abroad.


  2. I usually get people telling me their problems at bus stops, I must have a kind face.
    I get lost a lot too. I always feel sorry for people that get caught with no ticket.


  3. We each have a free Gold Card which entitles us to free bus trips around our city between 9am and 3.00pm twelve months a year.

    However, by rarely using the Gold cards we avoid travelling in stuffy buses with all the coughing and spluttering, plus the company of a few undesirables.


  4. Exciting times. In my local district talk at the bus stop is usually about how long we will have to wait. The timetable a fairy story put there to amuse us. This is an old story sadly still true. I’ve been taken by the feeling of isolation which surrounds those holding a conversation on a mobile phone. A penertratingly clear voice will discuss details of the living room ,plans for the evening in utter confidence that not a soul on the bus can hear.

    Just having a moan!


    1. It’s odd, isn’t it … very strange to have people around us talking into thin air.

      There’s nothing like a good old moan, especially about how long to wait for the bus. :yes:


  5. I have noticed that more ticket inspectors are getting on the trains….and they often come on in gangs, which would be very initimadating if you didn’t have a ticket. They also fine on the spot.

    I do enjoy public transportation because of all the people watching and goings on:)x


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