While sorting through my father’s archives, which go back to the early years of the last century and include some of my grandfather’s papers, I came across a very old letter written in spidery handwriting.


This is not it but is similar in style

It is dated June 28th 1892: but the really puzzling thing is, it is from somebody who has, as far as I know, absolutely no connection with my family.

I asked one of my cousins, who has done a lot of family history. He is equally puzzled but has got in touch with the family concerned. They are able to confirm a number of comments made in the letter, and are very excited to hear about its discovery.

I think I am now sufficiently satisfied that they are the ‘bona fide’ family and deserve to have this letter back |-| …

… but it doesn’t answer the question, WHY did Dad have it amongst his papers???? :??:




  1. The lovely handwriting is also of my grandmother’s era. She was born in 1884, and wrote avidly.
    This is lovely to think upon and thank you for sharing it with us, gillyk. JW XX


  2. a lot depends on what was written in it. I too went through old letters when my father died, and some of them were obviously given to him to share some wisdom, attitude, or understanding, that the giver appreciated… and gave his friend, relative, as a sort of present. By the way, the sample of writing was of a style very common in my youth.


    1. It is a rather rambling letter: the writer is telling his cousin, a Captain in the army, that he is moving from Cheltenham. He mentions some relatives by name, also a Queen Anne prayer book. The family who is interested in this letter possess such a prayer book which is currently lodged with a university library. It is of no apparent interest to anyone except the receiver, and I can’t work out how it would have got into my father’s hands, or why he would want it – or even, if he knew it was there.


    1. It is REALLY strange!!! All I can think is that, way back, our clergy ancestors knew each other and somehow my grandfather was given this letter for safekeeping … but WHY????????????


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