Every evening this gentleman sat on the feathery tree just outside our villa, and sang and sang and sang. He had an amazing liquid voice and endless variations to his song. Mozart, eat your heart out.


Hub and I were sitting on the swinging seat one day, listening to him. Hub said he wanted to go and get a drink. He didn’t move.

‘thought you wanted a drink?’ I said.

‘I do’, said he. ‘But I don’t want to interrupt him.’


15 thoughts on “BLACKBIRD SERENADE

  1. Blackbirds are enemy number one with us. Early every morning they scratch along the edges of our flower gardens and cover the concrete paths with dirt, dead leaves and even the small garden bulbs the Pam has carefully planted.

    Our best visiting birds are the house sparrows and the white-eyes.


    1. We are landed with magpie thugs and greedy pigeons here at home! We do have a friendly robin too, although we don’t see him much this time of the year.


  2. What a delightful observation – we have our resident pair that seem to get bolder every year – I swear they balance on the fence just to tempt the cats ………… then fly off when one or other of them deems to move a muscle!


    1. It’s only on holiday that I get the chance to really take it in and listen, and I couldn’t get over his range – he had two very high top notes as if to say ‘I can sing everything’!


  3. Lovely post….These ‘chaps’ ar so endearing…Territorial Addicts! We’ve had our onw for a few years now….Claim to the ‘patch’ proclaimed Morning, Noon and Night….;) :)xx


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