I have to devote a posting to this! Because the villages on the Amalfi coast are all built into the cliff, the only way you can get up and down, usually, is by steps. So it was

  • steps up to our apartment
  • 900 steps down to the beach (double that if you want to go home too)
  • aching calves because I hadn’t done enough stretching …
  • steps from the Walk of the Mad Bats (I can hear you laughing) up the cliff to the road
  • over 1500 steps from ‘the walk of the gods’ down the cliff to the road where the buses ran to take us home …

We might not be thinner (too much lovely pasta) but we are definitely fitter :yes:

(not one of my pix but it gives you the idea!)



20 thoughts on “STEPS AND MORE STEPS

    1. I was overconfident and bounded down the 900 steps to the Capo di Torre the first day, then bounded back up again … then HOBBLED around for the rest of the week, madly doing stretching exercises for my poor old geriatric calf muscles!!!


      1. I am very impressed that you bounded up and down 900 steps at all! Bounding sounds wonderfully energetic….. I think I’d have grunted and toiled up and down but BOUNDING…..hmmmmm…

        Your going to the gym paid off I think?


  1. Gosh gill, that would have killed me straight away. My back doesn’t like steps at all. I love your comment on what would happen if the European directives insisted on disabled access – the mind boggles on what they could do :))


    1. Some of the more expensive hotels had private lifts that took people up and down the cliff to the beach. That would suit you more, Barbara! There was also a lift to the Emerald Grotto, which was good, because we’d just done the Walk of the Mad Bats, climbed up a million steps to the road, and walked along until we got there … but with the roads so narrow, it’s a bit of a taxing exercise!


    1. We were amazed at the number of elderly people who did live there, and clearly took the steps in their stride – I hate to think what might happen if European directives started insisting on disabled access – tourism would be decimated, they just couldn’t do it!


  2. As Avenscent said, this will be very good exercise and should keep both of you in good shape. Easier to recommend to others… I don’t know whether I could take it. But it does look beautiful!


    1. That is so true, Aven … fortunately I’d learned some stretching exercises from going to the gym, so I used those a lot, and they really helped!


  3. Ahem! :yes: I can see why you need another ‘break to rest your weary limbs’….You’ll be super fit if you took a job out there….;)
    Amazing place….:)xx


  4. We have steps in a cliff-side but not in the numbers you describe. Ours are old, not built for the delights of terracing or beach lovers. You’ll have to keep up your stretch-ability from now on!


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